Battlefield 5 ► World War One?


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  1. Num47 says:

    Finally, the army's of medics will be gone…

  2. Battlefield 1916 – This needs to happen.

  3. walmartian says:

    omg yes, trench warfare would be perfect for rush mode, you rush forward to next trench. 1943 was great the TTK hadn't been upped yet and the rifleman with the M1 Garand was beast, the M1 Garrand was a vet reward in BC2 and could kill in like 3 shots in both games. also 1943 and BC2 were still focusing on destructible envioments before that became just a novelty in BF3. 1943 was casual tho because your nades ammo and health would regen. they also had one map that was for planes only. i think that they consider the boats to be too slow of gameplay for console crowd and they didn't make the money they wanted to from BC2 destructible enviorment, which got mostly sacrificed to provide sharper graphics.

  4. Anders R says:

    I hope they make a renewed slow paced ww2 game like 1942, and make it so that almost everyone carries bolt action rifles with iron sights, instead of everyone being able to run around with a heavy machine gun and spraying

  5. Nate Moore says:

    It would be sick!

  6. Roma invicta says:

    If they do ww1/2 bye bye call of shitty

  7. erich2780 says:

    The battlefield is opposed to a ww1 game they'd rather want a ww2

  8. WEZTII Yt says:

    Won't buy. F this shit.

  9. Guys… they could do zeppelin fights. That would be kick ass!

  10. Gwai Lo says:

    WWII Online – Battleground Europe (MMO) allows for players to walk on the bridge of ships.

  11. It'll be like bf3 with a ww1 reskin. Like every other shooter sequel that goes into "a totally different direction". They wouldn't do this if they had more to tell in the present. So instead on working on a new experience they go the lazy way and reskin everything. Nothing to be excited about..

  12. says:

    comparing Verdun with Battlefield is a joke…

  13. This makes so much sense. Great vid

  14. Gungriffen says:

    For the people bitching that trench warfare would be boring
    Take the time and educate yourself!
    All Videos from THE GREAT WAR – chronological order:

    World War One took place on three continents across multiple empires on the land, sea and air, the trenches were only in France. The rest of the war was a war of mobility.

  15. I love tactical games

  16. This is very cool

  17. should be WW2, be better and more options for content

  18. Lazirus64 says:

    This is EA. Prepare for disappointment. I suspect it will be exactly what you said, parachute in and 360 no scope with a machine gun, wiping out an entire army you shouldn't be able to carry. is this gonna be european (UK/France/Germany etc) or is it gonna be USA/Japan?

  19. They are called Higgins boats

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