Ben Swann has similar concerns, Aurora movie Shooting



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  1. HyrbidHermit says:

    Yeah, I do find it weird that he surrendered himself at the end and told them about the booby trap. Maybe he just said something about the apartment that caused them to worry about entering.

    I also want to know what he was doing in that program. How convenient that the media has decided they don't want to give Holmes any attention; so it looks like they're not going to find any answers for us.

  2. Yea when I saw this Ben Swann video last night I immediately thought of your video I saw before hand. Ben Swann is the man, he is VERY informative and tells it like it is!

  3. bbvoxlover says:

    my thoughts exactly. Shouldnt Jame battle till then end??? i mean he already had his hands one blood, why stop there??? I think its some kind of set up or conspiracy.

  4. This is just another false flag. Like 9/11 and 7/7 in London, there were training exercises going on the same day a few miles away at Colorado University for the same exact scenario, an attack by a gunman in a theater who also has a bomb. The odds of that happening are over 30,000 trillion in 1 (yes that number is correct), basically impossible. It is all an attack to slowly take over the US and it's Constitution. A New World Order is what the Oligarchs want, with them at the head.

  5. This had to be put together by a military operative, one in our Country from another Country most likely would easily kill Americans. Israeli are training in America would they kill Americans they had practice killing the Palestinians.

  6. AvA Indiana says:

    ‘Batman’ Shooter’s father was scheduled to testify as whistle-blower to senate over Libor scandal

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