Bengal Tigers in Fact and Folklore



If you are setting up on heading out on a tiger safari in India, you are very likely to currently have a strong curiosity in these mighty creatures. You may perhaps have go through up on their looking and territorial routines – helpful factors to know about to maximise your prospects of sightings – and, of system, as one of the world’s favourite animals, there is a prosperity of common knowledge about tigers. You can be conscious that in India you are going to see Bengal Tigers, so finding out some more species-specific specifics and methods that regional societies have interacted with and incorporated tigers into their cultures can help you take pleasure in the connection in between people and tigers.

Nationwide Animal of India

As you will no doubt hear as you venture forth on your tiger safari, the Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India. Observed in nearly just about every location of the nation, their cultural and ecological importance tends to make them an critical national icon. Symbolising power, valour, and passion, tigers have lengthy been figures of awe. In previous eras this intended that tiger looking was thought of an honourable pursuit for nobles, but in modern-day situations the target has luckily shifted to conservation. As the top predator in the food items chain, their continuing survival is crucial to the Indian subcontinent’s ecosystem, hence incorporating more layers to the tiger’s symbolic standing. As befits an embodiment of India’s purely natural prosperity, and a essential species for measuring the well being of its ecosystem, respecting tigers indicates guarding them, now more than at any time.

Tigers in Faith

Possibly the greatest purpose that tigers play in Indian religion is as Durga’s mount. In a lot of forms of Hinduism, Durga ‘the invincible’ is a intense, effective, imaginative, compassionate kind of Devi, the female component of the divine. She is frequently depicted riding on a tiger – especially when riding into struggle. Shiva, one of the most critical and effective gods, whose purpose as the destroyer is crucial to the continuing existence of a cyclical universe, is typically shown carrying or sitting down on a tiger pelt to present that he has conquered worldly passions. The deity Ayyappan, worshiped largely in the southern locations, is also associated with tigers, possessing tamed and ridden on one. So bear in mind, as you go on on your tiger safari, that the link in between tigers and regional society runs deep.

Defending India’s tigers

Whilst tigers and people have a lengthy background collectively, they have also had their conflicts: despite our awe of tigers, they are threatened, as a species, by human exercise. Going on tiger safari can benefit the species if carried out responsibly. For a start off, the tiger reserves you travel by are an critical section of conservation, and in supporting them you aid the wildlife they secure.


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