Benjamin Fulford, Was World War 3 Called Off?


World War 3 was called off ? Benjamin Fulford , …


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  1. for today . . . not

  2. Canada barely counts though, since they signed all their natural resources over to China late last year.

  3. SUNSHINE says:

    VIN: I LUV U!!! Feel yr pain, sending u mental reinforcement. THX 4 yr beautific articulate ramble, haartfelt testimony. Don't let the trolls & coach potatoes get u down. They're whores & gluttons. U r buff, Spirit!

  4. I appreciate how well you explained the ptsd effect of victimization by evil, inhuman minions. I was a calm, easy going person until i experienced first hand how the System is designed to destroy lives. The lack of conscience shown by these sociopaths is shocking and unforgettable. The scarring is real, and as you said – it is a prerequiste to seeking the truth of what is going on in this world. I began to seriously look at not simply What causes wars, but at Who profits the most from wars. Turns out they are the same kinds of inhuman monsters that derailed my life on a whim. The pain has been great, but the truth I have gained is priceless. 

  5. ▶ Benjamin Fulford, Was World War 3 Called Off?   ~Pub Mar 22, 2015 via Vincent Eastwood
    ▶ Connect @Peta_de_Aztlan
    ▶ General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years:   ~Pub Sept 3, 2013 via Relax. It's on Youtube.

  6. YouTube keeps unsubscribing me from truther accounts like yours wtf is going on?

  7. Karl Lover says:

    A Google search of Kavaria leads to a page called "Boundless Universe Role Play Wiki " Is this broadcast a Satire?

  8. Karl Lover says:

    I'm sorry that's Kanzaria.Hard to understand that one.

  9. Karl Lover says:

    Kanzaria is the surname of a Family.Do they have a Kingdom?

  10. Terry Habzz says:

    See any signs that anything to remove these people is gong on ? Hear lots of talk but zero action so this is nothing more then more propaganda being put out with no proof.

  11. imisslola321 says:

    What if TPP pass through congress to vote give Obama the authority to expedite the TPP to US and Japan???? then what????? Wouldn't that be too late to throw them into prison???? We need Putin here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! US Oligarch are too powerful…………US members of government are Oligarch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it seems there is no chance to do anything here

    They are hiding very well and bribing US senate to do their work; they are going to steal the last and the biggest theft in the history of humanity……………………….they are now attempting to take over US & Japan's sovereignty by masquerading themselves as TPP, a international Trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THIS Freak'en TPP now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TheDaedalx says:

    The Age of Aquarius is among us we are in the transition period. These Astrologers want to push the Christ out to bring in the new Solar deity. They promised Armageddon and need Armageddon to change the Dogmas, they will eventually succeed to some extent.

  13. Great work, Vinny.  Hey, at the risk of sounding Evangelical, the Beast is not always that which creates destruction; it is that which ENJOYS it.    It is way past time to stop the crimes against humanity.  Time to wake up!!


  15. I cant believe there are people who still believe in this government cause they dont pay attention to shit… They have stolen all the gold they could find. They could spend that anywhere.

  16. Granny Rose says:

    america must wage war on the Pedophile Mafia, or find it in it's own backyard soon

  17. dreamchaisr1 says:

    Yes, it's driving me nuts! I totally agree with everything said in this broadcast. It makes me sick and I would love to know how to stop it. I try to talk about things like this and spread the word, in what little way I can and I've seen progress in the collective consciousness in the last three years since I "woke up" and began to see what our governments have done to us. Please keep up the good work as you have the means to expose the scumbaggery as you say. There are many who stand with you.

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