Benjamin Fulford “World War 3 特別完全版 ベンジャミン・フルフォードが真相を!


Link original From Youtube :パ ッ プ ル テ レ ビ ジ ョ ン( Paket Pull Television) Einer …


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  1. Jon Doe says:

    Those are some strong words there buddy. The North has other problems to deal with at the moment.

  2. Mimi Hulse says:

    Now David Wilcock is in danger because of leaking those names in his site,…
    we really are pooped out of this Earth's crazy rule of human experience. we need CHANGE~!!

  3. Japan needs to know truth, only one name under the heavens came to set mankind free YAHUSHUA. If anyone in Japan wants copy of The Holy Bible email me I'll gladly send you one free of charge. For the FOOL hath said in his heart there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abomination works, there is none that does good. (Psalms 14:1)

  4. tsubomi3 says:

    His talks are always laughable.

  5. silently i was hoping the whole White Dragon Society thing was real. i said to myself, if it is real, there is a hope ! however, now as it seems, this is getting more and more evident this all is just a madmans dream/wish. i wish there relaly was such a powerful counter-organisation composed of military, intelligence, Yakuza etc people to oppose oligarchy/NWO, maybe storm next Bilderberger or what not. but its all fake and sadness :/

  6. toppohanjo says:


  7. moello888 says:


    ”極東で1カ月内にM7級地震予測 ロシア・カムチャツカ当局(共同通信)”



    この極東地震のカラ脅しも 裏、闇、暗 だらけでB層族用ですね。

  8. moello888 says:

    @mimiyamap The never allow us to make changes, they most cunningly shout for change,love and peace. Nothing positive will happen, they are quite superficial and fraudulent.

  9. Do you know anything about Fulford being an actor? Nevada? There is a YT vid about it..

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