Best 2016 MTV VMA Moments In 90 Seconds – Justin Bieber PDA With Sofia In Cabo (DHR)


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  1. Nasra Awad says:

    To be honest this year vmas was the most boring vmas ever cuz all my fav celebs wasn't there????

  2. my favourite was drakes speech it was so romantic loving and caring

  3. "But who cares about Taylor swift?" vma's ranting plummeted to 6.5 million viewers this year down %34 from last year LLMMAFOOO okay clevver news.

  4. Aubrih is real. Aubrih is rising. Rihanna probably just doesn't want a highly publicized relationship like she had with Chris Brown but they're very much together. It's okay to be afraid to fall in love in front of the entire world again. My girl is good at hiding her feelings.

  5. It's Lit says:

    It's side to side not side by side

  6. Hazel V. says:

    Has Erin ever been on American Horror Story "Coven" or am I just crazy?

  7. Jess Wonder says:

    riri/dake and Britney

  8. Jess Wonder says:

    riri/dake and Britney

  9. anna says:

    her tattoo isnt for her name get yo facts right

  10. SJ Wee says:

    I think Justin was a bit sad he did not get the Michael Jaxon award

  11. Selina Butt says:

    What breed is tod

  12. Drake and Rihanna need to get married like right now?❤️he needa put a ring on it??

  13. Ari got the A tattoo for her best friend Alexa

  14. MEGZ V says:

    No ?? Thats the best part!

  15. Did Erin just call Taylor Swift a snake? Hypocritical much?


  17. Bruce Wayne says:

    What a patronizing piece of shit. Shut your mouth blonde and let the woman speak. You're not god you're the chick people deal with so they can see the real speakers.

  18. AF 1990 says:

    he got shot down because shes lip syncing

  19. chynel d says:

    man this woman can really read faaast !!!

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