Best Documentaries 2016 – Amazone The Best Primitive Culture – History DOcumentary


Best Documentaries 2016 – Amazone The Best Primitive Culture – History DOcumentary The Amazon rainforest, also known in English as Amazonia or the …


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  1. mike mcgln says:

    countries and people just cant leave others alone, huhhhhhhhhhalways busy in other peoples lives

  2. mike mcgln says:

    yepppppppppppp, the white man does it again………..same as the american indianswipe em out because there not starting any wars……………..fucken idiots, leave people alone

  3. Jim NORRIS says:

    why does he think he has to let the world know anything about this tribes, LEAVE THEM ALONE, SHIT,

  4. The primitive tribes who don't speak our language. You can see them in the pichers.

  5. Helicon2112 says:

    This is bullshit. Just wasted an hour. They travel all that way just to say 'oh, we're not going to contact them', then turn around and go home without a shred of video proof. Why bother going in the first place?

  6. Sadik Meah says:

    Fresh fodder for the Christian bible bashers 

  7. Vin Dicator says:

    So if Spaniards screw with Aztecs, they produce a holy race?

  8. John GS says:

    People playing God to feed their ego.

  9. Ole Fella says:

    Continents of America belongs to its rightful owners Indigenous Native People!
    Google 'Continents of America is NOT a new world/ChinaWatch/ChinaDailyForum' for the the plain truth.

  10. merin hurt says:

    tonedvideos1 Making lots of sense.

  11. Robert Wise says:

    This is no documentary, it was all a "HOAX!" BUT, it made them money!!!

  12. Larry Clegg says:

    I wonder do Native Americans walk around half-naked in the USA? At Indian Reservations? In Traditional lifestyles?

  13. bruce conger says:

    Scum bag land rapists!

  14. 33:18 My ANANCONDA don't want none… something something … lol

  15. Boobs brought me here.
    Indigenous, happy boobs.

  16. Obviously, the governments of the of the Amazon don't want to recognize the existence of the lost and isolated tribes so oil, gas, mineral, and logging can continue, even if it means decimating these tribes. Already 80% of the amazon forests are being cleared or have roads through them. Brazil and Peru, what can you say? Brazilian death squads shoot children and the homeless in the street. Well documented. Should surprise no-one that these countries allow loggers and prospectors to shoot the isolated tribes with impunity.

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