Very best UFO FOOTAGE DECEMBER 2016 UFO 2016


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  1. Si mon says:

    nice click bait title and thumbnail

  2. Chris Long says:

    Bunches of planes on approach, smoke ring from a mining operation, Planes crossing the eye of a hurricane, followed by a cool CGI excerpt from cutting room floor of Independence day, more planes, clouds.

    The guy's wife even knows he's a moron…

  3. dudes its Thor coming back down to earth.

  4. shane morgan says:

    Why are they all using cameras with 1987 resolution?

  5. The real mystery is how this guy tricked 1200 people into subscribing to his "channel". That's a lot of dummies.

  6. Fake, crappy video. Zero value.

  7. rejecter 01 says:

    You have the publishing date as dec 17 2016 when all of these were lies 2-3 years ago. Showing them over and over isnt going to make them become true. How do you feel lying to people for money to me it makes you as bad as false religion you both lie for a living. People are not stupid any more, they are not the gullible twits that you can just pray on for your living any more. We know that these people go out and film the sky then go home and open an app on their computer and add the dots and lights in, and you all use dots and lights because they are so simple as they have no detail to have to snip around it even helps to cut some of the lighted area out because it gives the edges a sharper look thus more convincing. Well no one is convinced any more we are all awake and dont believe your lies.

  8. Paolo Bitti says:

    The best scene is at 10:18 with the alien Hans Zimmer in soundtrack

  9. Ray Neubauer says:

    So u fit the category! Figures

  10. Scot Mckay says:

    When I see one in focus I will believe!

  11. H Maas says:

    Seems like all these have one thing in common. They're all at extreme distances. No close encounters.

  12. Austin Britt says:

    completely a great big humongous fat nasty ass pile of horse shoe shit.

  13. Hani Fah says:

    klo emang ada ngapain ngumpet2.. manusia bloon kabeh.. mau aja di bohongin… dung preet.. o oon smuaaaa

  14. Hani Fah says:

    preet lah… boong mulu..

  15. jamie marie says:

    worst ufo footage

  16. i had seen loads of objects some have logical explanation but some just well i refuse to but does seems to be a ufo is it recourse they're after or they are the one that cares for thr planet itself why are they not hiding but don't come in to real contact i guess here we can only guess and well wait?

  17. Terry TT says:

    What utter SHITE and a waste of all but the "Fruitloop" brigades time! You people need psychiatric intervention. You eventually see your relatives and friends as Extraterrestrials! Who knows and who cares if you "fruitier" are right. If, that's a very Big IF they come, they could either be here for help, to help or hinder. I doubt we have much to match their technology so I for couldn't give a toss! (I'm sounding like one now)!

  18. Peter Beedle says:

    Yup, they were unidentifiable alright!

  19. Dirk Botha says:

    The thing I find most remarkable, is that there are literally 8 billion cell phones on this planet, the vast majority of which has rather excellent video quality, but people like you still insist on posting crappy, grainy footage.

    Every time you do this, you just build a bigger case against yourself. Now please! Start posting the real stuff!

  20. Stran ger says:

    last video was chinese lanterns

  21. They don't want to believe in A God, but if they see some flickering lights and say "aliens exist!" lol

  22. Bennett 72 says:

    Welcome to 2017..A follow up from last years drivel! I gotta say though, i do like what people can do with the use of today`s modern computers! The UFO footage is becoming better and better!! cant wait to see what people are going to be creating towards the end of the year.

  23. That's a disturbingly hideous alien in the pic on the lower right of the screen.

  24. Matthew Full says:

    i call bull shit

  25. HardRokMiner says:

    This upload sucks! Thumbs down, ASSHOLE!!!…

  26. Signals to be able as clear, anyhow symbolize about staying in touch Our Galaxy Nexus nearest location of their respective fields, but we don't anything about the following link unsubscribe. I hopeless at what the doing research assistant at the moment about NASA…?

  27. ali baba says:

    shut up and get probed

  28. goddogo1 says:

    I almost think the circle one was insects.

  29. Gil Carlson says:

    BEHOLD A PALE HORSE REVISITED: Here are the secrets the government hoped had died with Bill Cooper! Cooper’s secret government documents are finally revealed and brought up to date! This a 2016 look at Bill Cooper’s secrets about UFOs, Aliens, Illuminati and Government Conspiracies! Do you dare to read this book?

  30. Ray Neubauer says:

    You dumb asses that believe in ufo's probably think Obama was a good president too.

  31. Looks like a flying condom.

  32. Lu Cho says:

    ya llegaron GOKU y los demas

  33. Philly blunt says:

    Why are you alive, other than complaining?


  35. pentirah5 says:

    I might take this more seriously if it were not broken up by seven advertisement breaks. could it perhaps just be a means of making a bit of cash?

  36. Makinja says:

    How come no mention of where these occurred and when?

  37. It's 2017 go to your local college and take a class on how to hold the camera steady and not zoom in and out.

  38. TheWytePony says:

    Why is it all these UFO videos are way out of focus? My old 2 mega-pixel cell phone took better videos than this crap.

  39. Why is it that all UFO' footage is taken from far, far away & it's always, jumpy, blurred & indistinct? And why is it that all aliens are always naked? I mean, do they go gallivanting around the universe with no clothes on?

  40. Polis says:

    I guess everything is real to stupid, naive idiots.

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