Best & Worst Dressed MTV VMAs 2016 (Dirty Laundry)


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  1. Tara LOL says:

    Kim's dress thing was……dodgy

  2. Niki manaj looked like she had a thong on her boobs like referring to her butt

  3. I never saw somethings more sexy than Hailey in this outfit

  4. Zeke G says:

    that's…. not what schizophrenic means :/

  5. Nikki Minaj was BEST dressed in my opinion! ?

  6. Ashley Morra says:

    how come every time someone breaks up with Justin bieber they look better than ever …. like thank you Justin

  7. z Biite says:

    Nick Jonas outfit looks like something a creep, that jacks off in the window, would wear.

  8. wow, every single comment i have read is dumbasz people talking some kind of shi* about the crew here talkng, (doing their jobs) about the VMS if you didn't like their video go f*ck off, no fuc*ing reason to bash these people for doing their jobs. I'm not the one to comment on videos, but I read them, and this is some of the WORST. hate i have EVER seen on a video. you all have no lifes, immature children, grow up, go to school, get a job and get the F*ccckkkk off of the internet.

  9. Alaa Jayyab says:

    Nick jonas be lookin like he had a boner

  10. Yafet Gomez says:

    Love Beyoncé but she really is overrated They are going to rip on Ariana and her pants but Beyoncé is praised for pulling a lady gaga not original

  11. Jenna Leigh says:

    just curious as to why these complete NOBODIES are judging anyone. and it sounds like they were given a list of buzzwords to use….like "I have to say "slay" 4 times, and try to work In "slaying the game".

  12. L0lamae says:

    isn't the dress nicki is wearing a version of what JLo wore on her birthday

  13. First and last time watching any videos from this series; bunch of fan girls with very little fashion knowledge, that aren't even witty enough to overshadow the fact that they don't really know what they're talking about.

  14. ab3 says:

    Are you serious? Beyonce's dress was UGLY

  15. cocorita5 says:

    this people are so stupid.

  16. ariana gande is a boy. look at the neck, long shoulders, big head. yes. this person is a transgender just like suri cruise.

  17. Syariff Isme says:

    tht black girl's face is green? the makeup on the face is ???? idk lol

  18. You know, you don't have to lie about Beyonce's outfit. It wasn't that pretty. Just say it's ugly. It looks like a butterfly with snowflakes on its wings. It wasn't "SLAYING" . Nicki Minaj looked way better.

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