Beware of the Bearded Man – SV Darmstadt 98 – Behind The Scenes


The Bundesliga represents entirely new territory for most of the Darmstadt 98 players. Many commentators think the promoted club are destined to go straight …


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  1. Atangiriev says:

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  2. Can't wait until the new season!!

  3. Pirlo's beard cannot be beaten

  4. It's Radgnard Lodbrock ( VIKINGS )

  5. I think Hertha is the only team they haven't covered.

  6. When Vidal cuts you down lets see who is smiling at the end of the day ~RRR

  7. Viewwell says:

    Someone lost a bet or something? :D

  8. EisenChriz says:

    His beard is so majestic!

  9. Sugule Salah says:

    When is Wolfsburg going to have one? Plz make it.

  10. Julio Torres says:

    Inb4 they win the bundesliga kappa

  11. Di2goodon says:

    FIFA 16 new feature, awesome beards! 

  12. Pauls Pujats says:

    i'd like to see his beard in fifa 16 xD

  13. 0fficia1 says:

    2:59 Mats Hummels is that you?

  14. Hong Khuu says:

    Brussle the ball with ur beard for great ball controll lol

  15. Reggie says:

    I'm ready. I hope the team does better this year, and I know they will, once the stadium gets fixed. Watch out for the bearded man (;

  16. I hope they do well this season!

  17. The Boss says:

    Hamburg and stuttgart going down this season. I just know it.

  18. I believe Engel will recover from his disappointing last season and help Darmstadt stay up.

  19. Allexandra says:

    Wooo, I love that beard!! :)

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