Beyonce 7/11 Satanic Illuminati EXPOSED !!! Modern Day Idol Worship !!!


In this movie we look at the concealed symbolism in Beyonce’s latest music movie for her son “seven/11”. Be vigilant because they are trying to find your worship !!! Be sure to share this movie and PRAY !!! God Bless and Remain VIGILANT !!!

Beyonce seven/11 Satanic Illuminati Uncovered !!! Fashionable Working day Idol Worship !!!

BEYONCE ILLUMINATI Thoughts Control MK-Extremely BREAKDOWN Uncovered !!!

Beyonce was Demon Possessed at SuperBowl Halftime Present!

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33 Responses

  1. I'm an upcoming rapper and I didn't have to sell my soul to the devil i just work my ass off

  2. Asha Nicole says:

    You'll haters corny with that illuminate mess…. Albino alligators.

  3. I really agree with you Viligent Christian because you actually realize that Jesus is our Savior and not Beyonce. Just like Donald Trump….he is a part of the new world order and im only 13 and I understand all of this and how all celebrities are being worshipped by our own kind. Thanks. And please make more videos I enjoy your words. New subscriber. ? God bless you.

  4. OMG YOU'RE AN IDIOT, THE DAMN SWEATSHIRTS ARE KALE, YA KNOW, THE VEGETABLE AND THE DAMN PLAYBOY BUNNY! You blow everything out of context, it's just plain idiotic. Sasha Fierce is just an alter ego she takes on to boost her confidence on stage. The video is just a group of girls having fun, you need to just stop.

  5. triggered! this person who probably made this is probably living in their mom's house. don't be mad because Beyonce is getting money in your not. he has those good clothes on you have those raggedy little kids clothes on.??

  6. Viani Fuamba says:

    someone of you believe in that??

  7. Good work my brother. Praise Lord Jesus

  8. Wint on says:

    jesus isn't gonna come

  9. I cannot even go through the whole video.. You must have actually learn something before comparing, u stupid head.. May my KALI MAA bless u ignorant people with knowledge..

  10. Oh my god! cant believe u are actually comparing KALI ma with satan? what do u even know about hinduism to compare??? She kills demon, that legs and hands hanging in her body is of dead demon's..


  12. yall haters corny with that illuminati mess… exactly corny calm down she not illuminati you mad cuz you cant sing

  13. don`t worth it.. sell soul to the and fame is not all

  14. nandhu lal says:

    u asshole so u mean godess kali is evil
    hw dare you mother fucker
    She is consider our God
    and Wat if I say Jesus is not a God just a human being like you and me what will be your reaction on it you assholes just remember one thing as how you believe in your religion we do believe in our okay and don't ever think that it's demonic man fuck you

  15. I'm a Beyonce fan, but I praise the man upstairs. This is dumb…so freaking sad.

  16. J Bird says:

    They use symbols because no matter what language you speak everyone can understand symbols

  17. +The Vigilant Christian Kali isn't exactly the Hindu God of death and no where near a demonic spirit. She is a very important and respected Goddess who plays a vital role in Hindu mythology. Most of the Gods in Hinduism respect her. She is however hot headed which leads people to believe things like this.

  18. Rigo says:

    You don't worship god tho ?? that's how u know someone doesn't go to church

  19. AmberRK0315 says:

    Amen, Amen, and Amen!

  20. Deano says:

    did you ever even read the book though what

  21. dianahir says:

    Kali is a Goddess!!

  22. Ej says:

    Killuminati~ makeaveli

  23. dat shit fake not true gtfoh wit dis bullshit man shut the fuck up wit dis dumb shit

  24. you got Beyonce on my peanut butter.

  25. Fatima Toure says:

    ok this is weird you know that pop group bts well one of the members finger started bleeding then Beyoncé ear starts bleeding that's weird

  26. God probaly looks down and cries
    While seeing u all judge her cuase u can't
    Hold ur jelousy

  27. She MEANS when she's
    Alone she tries to do it
    But she doesn't feel it but when
    She gets on stage she feels that power
    OF CONFIDENTS(HERSELF) make her feel
    Like she can do this

  28. U dumb asses don't even understand figure of speech

  29. Another reason: since
    She is how come everyone says she
    Worships diffrent people? ?

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