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Before giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, in January 2012, Beyoncé suffered a miscarriage—something she opens up about for the first time in her new …


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  1. Bre Strum says:

    I'd like to see half of yall become the worlds top artist with a [better than] picture perfect career image and talk about an issue like this? Like JEEZ! She is HUMAN- she lost a child, she decided to let people know… can yall stop trying to correct every little thing she does wrong and look at the BIG picture!

    God bless you Beyonce!

  2. maya johnson says:

    she a lie and the truth not in her, her  sister had  that  baby a doctor will tell anyone that is pregnant not to lift heavy stuff and get some rest and stay off of a work a little bit not to go on stage bounce up and down and shake the baby all around and also when she walk the stomach that she had when she was so called pregnant moved left then she had to fix it. p.s. Beyoncé stop lying

  3. Sulay Mendez says:

    I'm sorry but it is so impossible for a woman to be pregnant and have a doctor tell her she is health enough to flip her body and jump around and act like she is in a circus….I am pregnant with my second child and believe me that the first trimester is the hardest to be doing all that because it's the highest miscarriage stage in the pregnancy…so another lie for her record…ppl won't believe because they are her biggest fan but realistically think about it…I'm pretty sure a lot of u commenting have been pregnant or
    Know someone and been around then pregnant…

  4. S Sarahbear says:

    What does miscarriage mean

  5. Adam Watts says:

    I love Beyonce and all but its kinda hard to believe she had a baby. Especially seeing her onstage jumping and laying around like that. No cautions pregnant woman that wants to have a healthy baby would be doing all that. I kinda feel like it was all fake. Like she didn't have her baby, but let someone else have it for her instead and ppl are able to do that nowadays.

  6. missobb says:


  7. deer heart says:

    She's not best bright,talented but dim

  8. Jamie Leeke says:

    Beyoncé is an incredibly intelligent woman, but she has openly admitted that she struggles with public speaking. She's quite a shy person and she over-thinks what she's going to say, causing excess pauses etc. Nasty people like Wendy Williams then twist that into her being dumb, when it couldn't be further from the truth. She is one of the most famous and successful women on the planet and she's cautious that what she says isn't going to cause offence or be twisted into something negative. But of course, the media will do that regardless. It's a shame.

  9. I don't understand why people don't believe she had a miscarriage and don't believe she gave birth to Blue Ivy. All that is just nuts to me. I lost a son. It's been over thirty years and I can still remember the pain when my OB told me the baby inside me had died. I can't even talk about it to this day. Beyonce miscarried a baby that she wanted, that she loved. It's hard to express that pain and you don't want to say to much because so many others have gone through it, you're nothing special in that. And the nonsense about Blue Ivy not being carried by her, is just to ludicrous to try and write about.

  10. Looking back her makeup is horrible

  11. oli bairam says:

    I just had a miscarriage and thank you Beyonce for sharing your story, it's not just normal folk like myself that experienced it… Even celebs go through this.

  12. She is very strong to pass through such an experience.Respect Bey!

  13. Astrid Mejia says:

    It's crazy that when you think of Beyoncé you think of a confident figure but she is so shy. She even struggles with eye contact.

  14. Mz Nurú says:

    Some people in here need to get their lives together! She's allowed to speak anyway she pleases. Some people are always knit picking because of all of their own insecurities. Misery loves company. Smh.

  15. People will find anything to critique even the most successful black people about. It's a hatred and a need to demean in order to feel superior and it's honestly pathetic because we all see what you're doing

  16. Chrys Monae says:

    boy does that girl know how to dodge a question (;

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