Beyonce Pregnant With Mk Ultra Illuminati Twins (Illuminati Ritual)


Beyonce is pregnant with The Royal Twins of The Illuminati
Comply with: @GodEyeMedia – @Beyonce
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  1. she's not pregnant; she has a prosthetic pregnancy belly, on her photoshoot you can see the line and two different tones; all they do is fake and twisted

  2. Carter says:

    Damn! The most evil sin out there is Judging!! (Hello You Tube)

  3. Carter says:

    Y'all crazy!! If u believe in it it's real.Jus like u believe in the Lord Jesus Christ is ur saviour see I don't see this so it's not real bcus I don't speak nor. know of this lie illumanaty bullcrap!! so if u believe n witchcraft I guess u can but God don't let u see stuff like this know this only the evil can.

  4. Carter says:

    This witchcraft stuff not real

  5. Athens nike says:

    If she were a woman she would be growing or developing twins and thus have them after the birth. She needs press between releasing an album. the cover, damn from Ava maria and lie of rewarded mortal to this. Mother of God is Goddes the first deity. first sex in any species is she. Sophia mother of darklord and christ. Asherah mother of yahweh. zeus RAPES MORTALS and teaches sciences to evolve to godhood. is she part of alen breeding project or using this fairytayle merely to distract? it is a fav.

  6. Carina says:

    LOL! I love this! Ur narration is AWESOME! !

  7. BadGalTiaaa says:

    Stfu ? Haters always hating on Beyoncé

  8. Mr. X says:

    Clic bait by another faggot. Ugly ass Blue Ivy was made in a lab, little body with that ugly slope headed nigger ja-zee head on top. These next two fake demon babies will also be made in a lab and will also be fugly with a jayzee head on top. Queen Bey? LOL, only an ignorant ho would pose herself as another african welfare queen making multiple babies. Welfare Queen Bey is more like it. Bitch sold her soul for a bridge care that says "Fame" on it.

  9. A M-Harris says:

    This is a bait click shill channel! The ancestors aint tell you shit cuz she's a devil worshipping tranny who can't have babies!???

  10. Laurahhh says:

    …..and somehow she will be size 2 and totally buff laying on the table.Satan helps these people get back into shape to get back to deceiving the masses.Its a curse not a gift

  11. kyle ice says:

    your voice sound like a pastor dude.

  12. I hate her, she's brainwashing the people out there.

  13. Chuck Tryba says:

    If you don't know it is a illuminati trany then it will break your heart to know. men cannot get pregnant!

  14. HeLuvzHer says:

    When I heard the way he talked I knew he was a Beyoncé supporter sound like he loves to say "Yasss" This dude is the definition of a brainwashed stupid mf bow down to the queen? So idolatry is good? I stumbled upon the wrong channel I'll be leaving now ✌?

  15. she looks like the ring.

  16. wellgal77 says:

    I will never bow down to a human being, I will only bow down to my lord and savior Jesus Christ! can I get an Amen!

  17. Carter says:

    OK don't know what's wrong with the world but B is not a part of any illumanaty bullshit please shut the fuck up before the beehive gets you # SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  18. she just said she was pregnant and yall already thinking about stupid stuff what's wrong with the world

  19. your so fucking happy about beyonce being pregnant you don't say shit about the illuminati. and if u love the illuminati so much y not join them sell ur soul to the devil and they will find you

  20. Gud entertainment luv d video

  21. It seems like every tiny little thing is illuminati today. Even innocent little babies are illuminati. This world needs help seriously

  22. loool give it a rest already , i needed a laugh … thx

  23. Not even that but he said the S word so much I had to turn it off. Lame

  24. You talking so stupid. And not telling us nothing we don't already know. Hush dude.????✋?✋?✋?

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