Beyoncé – “Single Ladies” (Reversed with Illuminati Message) ✡ Bow Down to Lucifer


Beyoncé Singles Girls in reverse with solution messages about worshiping Satan!

Initial Video Beyoncé – One Girls (detect the two dancers, they are males! – satan’s gender confusion)


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  1. If they want the Illuminati to be kept a secret then how do so many people know about them and why do they put these messages in these songs

  2. Alucard8319 says:

    Don't worry people Lucifer isn't that strong. I know a few people who dealt with him. He got weaker than he used to be

  3. ZombieX says:

    The "button" is where a ring is suppose to be. Like marriage. The song is supposed to be about single people… ?

  4. Rylee M says:

    maybe its just a music video with cool effects wow!!!!

  5. this is just a videoclip. the things actually make sense but come on. beyonce probably does not even know about the lyrics backwards. its just stupid guys

  6. Im sorry to say this but it's not true. It's a song backwards it doesn't mean anything. It's just a song. We misshear the lyrics also so we hear some shit. Also the dancers aren't men they are women. Also you see these dancers everysingle time on her tours like the formation tour or on the run tour and more.

  7. Jamie City says:

    This retarded. If you believe any of this you need counselling.

  8. wtf how dare u insault the queen B!

  9. AshurYT says:

    This whole video makes you look like a twat lmao. Satanic gender confusion, battle between light and dark, possession? ffs yall watch too much scifi

  10. Backwards, Forwards, whatever!…I'll still put a ring on it!

  11. bucky is illuminati too.

  12. Lala Lulu says:

    I heard "spit asid" somewhere XD

  13. Sorry but I plan on sleeping tonight, thanks for the offer though

  14. What's​ even more scary, is that you didn't use the right symbol in the title

  15. Is was not a devil chant she said Lucifer look at me now

  16. The worst thing to do in your life is watching this video while the lights are out during the purge and when your all alone. 😀

  17. Of course it sounds weird it's gibberish

  18. Or maybe she's just singing words and backwards it's gibberish

  19. These are hilarious i'm sorry guys

  20. Never could stand this song, just shows our instincts are never wrong!

  21. This videos rigged I used a system to move the music forward and it was nonesense

  22. Oh look. I'm back here.

  23. i love queen so much don't insult when u don't know fuck you bitch

  24. dumbest video on earth…

  25. tikkiocci says:

    "watch as beyonce and the backup dancers use chants some ancient evil chant and they move around as if they're posessed" maybe because the video is reversed you fucking idiot

  26. Y'all really have time to waste lmao

  27. XmemerX says:

    Why does the title show the sign for Judaism?

  28. Is Illuminati real??? I am confused!!!

  29. everyone is saying that this is scary…..its fucking reverse, of course it will sound weird….

  30. CraszGT says:

    she is speaking demonic words

  31. Nice says:

    it kinda sounds like she says hail against the lord

  32. What am I suppose to expect from reverse, all I heard was blab I swear to god it's not even an actual language, you're just trying to get views my god

  33. joe smith says:

    who gives a shit  wat  shes   saying  backwards after   watching  this  im  horny!

  34. Lexie Sudama says:

    She is the leader of the illuminati just watch Shane Dawson's videos on her

  35. alice miley says:

    it's Arabic the last part I don't know Arabic but if someone does please translate

  36. De Facto. says:

    The Stacey part is that you had the time to do this. get a hobby or a job.

  37. niah biray says:

    why do people make video like this I don't understand, before I even watched the video my heart was pumping a lot so I stopped

  38. Smol Memies says:

    this made my head hurt.

  39. Okxy Kxty says:


  40. yall haters corny with that illuminati mess

  41. لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم

  42. Riki B says:

    This is the most ridiculous and odd thing I have seen in a long time. WTF

  43. Mask Girl says:

    Another devilish chant begins "Listen to it it soumds weird" OFCOURSE IT SOUNDS WEIRD ITS BACKWARDS!!!!

  44. Lishi_Mon says:

    the other language is just backwards English maybe if you turn the video forward you'll get the real message

  45. Zamnai Jones says:

    This is scaryer than jason

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