Beyonce’s ‘LEMONADE’: An Occult and Demonic Illuminati Initiation into Satanism.


Full article: also see her 6 inch heels full analysis here: …


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  1. "This video is so demonic" says the empty, soulless sounding robot.

  2. I hate devil worship because it's bad and not good evolution is a lie they say believe in evolution but it's a lie

  3. Des Bethea says:

    ya'll need to shut the hell up. The lady isn't in illuminati, so please just stop.

  4. this some bullshit

  5. i was wondering about the image of the cross appearing in the 6inch heels video. it flashes briefly–a red one. even the red dress she had on had what looked like crosses on it. i wonder what that symbolism was supposed to mean with regards to the song/rest of the video.

  6. It's definatly not paranoia….Clearly the woman is possessed and the video is demonic…infact Beyonce is getting more creepier by the day.

  7. this is the Illuminati we are watching you

  8. People try to make everything Illuminati now a days. Bye ✋.

  9. Chioma Ubani says:

    U re just right . Everything about the video is initiation into a higher base in the occult world .

  10. Chioma Ubani says:

    This lemonade is actually demon ale. And an ale is a female demon. They used anagram to deceive the world. Even at a point when she sings there's no man above u. I believe hold up was a combination of jay z and the satan. She was getting jealous and crazy of the attention some females are getting from the master. She needed this sacrifice to step up her game. The album was clearly calculated to coincide with prince death and the celebration of the devil. I see beyonce dying so young.

  11. Mr.305 says:

    What I hate the most is when Christians call aspects of African spirituality, which is very present in this video, satanic. Europeans have been doing this since they first encountered Africans. Always think they're better.

  12. y'all haters corny wit that illuminati mess

  13. ashlee frey says:

    those words are not her words guy! lol! the poems are another womans smh goodness

  14. Reese Cups says:

    If you think about it, no one was talking about celebrities being in the "Illumanti" during the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Only until social media and the Internet became popular, everything is "Illumanti" now.. Y'all need to stop believing this bullshit because no one was talking about that years ago. Only until the Internet and Social Media became popular in this generation. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. People can make up rumors quick on the Internet, and people will automatically think it's true nowadays.. ?

  15. so stupid! shes a christan! yall have nothing beter to do! love beyonce

  16. ya'll haters corny with that illuminati mess…

  17. Taylor 26 says:

    I feel bad for Beyonce. May we all pray for those who's going through the same thing.

  18. Ewe I stopped at 4:34….I couldn't take that cracker's voice….sounds like he is disecting a frog……muhfucka sound like Robin Leach….he selling the shit out this Illuminati shit…who really cares about this shit?…like is she gonna turn into a Zombie and started shooting white people or some shit…cause I'm not scared….I'm still gone pay to see her…and buy her music….she is a legend in her own time….that's shine

  19. NycBeauty says:

    The robotic voice is funny.

  20. Catherine says:

    The thing is all of the scenes have a deep meaning that can be interpreted in various ways. Though, If you choose to listen to the lyrics with the intention on finding some sort of satanic sounding line then you will find a satanic sounding line.

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