Beyond Vape Tandem 75 Watt TC review on TVC


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  1. great looking box. I got the ipv d2 and velocity clone instead of the istick 100w . running at 40 watts on 24 gauge kanthal at 0.3 ohms. like to try nickel or ti 200 on velocity clone which one would you recommend I try. I never tried coil building with nickel or ti 200. please make a build video for us new to temp control rdas . thankyou dude

  2. I want one just cant afford it. Story of my life lol. Thanks Brian

  3. Reminds me of my old VTR. Is there an adapter to put a RDA on it ?

  4. Good review Brian interesting device

  5. Maybe a mod like this would benefit from a magnetic 510 connection like some other devices and it would make it easier to remove the tank…just a thought. Keep up the AWESOME reviews!!!

  6. Alvin Ashley says:

    i wonder if the billow v2 fits in the Tandem

  7. Why wouldn't I want to use the arctic turbo? sub ohm?

  8. Excellent review. Thank you, Brian.

  9. Kaycee 777 says:

    As the Tandem stands now, I would not consider it for me. The update wish list you presented, if implemented, may be enough for me to reconsider. The fact the it doesn't accomdate the Uwel Crown, of which I have two, hurts. Great review that demonstrates an innovative devices from all angles. Brilliant review. Your are someone special. Great job!!

  10. mobit76 says:

    +The Vapor Chronicles – I'm glad I didn't buy an Nebox, this is just what I've been waiting for. It's the mod that Innokin should have made to replace the VTR. Beyond Vape really should produce an extension tube (like on the VTR) to fit wider tanks and of course for RDA's.

  11. Rob Houser says:

    Great review. I really appreciate all the work you did to make this informative and entertaining. Thanks

  12. Would the Sauce Code tank from VaporDNA be compatible with this device?

  13. +1 for the Xvostick !!

  14. fktwt says:

    the link you gave for the HG2'S is bad, that price is terrible check out illumn . com

  15. Thank you for for all of the time you put into this video.

  16. Joanna Smith says:

    Looks nice and you can fit so many tanks on it!

  17. Nice job Brian, i would have like a 510 adapter extension to enable the use of an rda

  18. LD Williams says:

    The Envy22 works just fine in temp control and only costs £39 from naturevapes here in the UK(thats Only $61!). battery life works below 30% as well, so maybe beyond vape messed it up when they 'fixed' it? A small tip – find an o-ring of slightly less than 22mm and put it Under the attie as you attach it, that way you Can adjust wher the aurholes sit and you do not block them with your finger

  19. PilipBwoy says:

    Anyone knows if the Bellus RTA would fit in this?

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