BFG-Big Creepy Disney Illuminati Pedophile Giant


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  1. elrolly says:

    Big Fucking GAH!

  2. aramagoo says:

    Something which struck me ,which I find perplexing is why in a lot of children's fiction there has to be a "good" variant of an evil being such as a giant or witch .For a young person it is not bad to have pure ideas of good and evil.

  3. my child isn't going to see this film. I can careless for Disney and their perversions.

  4. Louis1976 says:

    Is they anything safe for kids to read and to watch?

  5. eezeegeezaa says:

    brother I love your videos as they are easy to digest for others who are still asleep. I respect you are God fearing. Have you been approached or offered to sell out. What would you do if that was put to you as your following is getting bigger. Would you ever sell your morals in other words? I hope not, but just intrigued if you have come accross meeting any snakes. Good day, God bless

  6. this is insulting, my parents were foster parents and they are the kindest, loving and caring people I know. there was no abuse at all. This is all crazy. this guy narrating must have some serious issues.

  7. @Sandor Clegane : If You don't need them, just stay away from these videos. Your YouTube cannel has no content and Your avatar is "The Hound" from Game of Thrones. Go back watching fantasy series, please.

  8. dsgmr says:

    ur all dumb lol

  9. dsgmr says:

    i take that back you guys are scary as fuck are you guys like regular people and have regular 9 to fives how creepy

  10. How come I cannot find your FB page? When I click on the link it says "Page Not Found". Thanks for all the work you do. My sons daycare that is supposed to be Christian, took the kids to see James and the giant peach. I did not research it like I should have it because I figured I had researched it before (I have two older kids) and it was cleared as okay (in my memory bank) being that it's been out for awhile AND it's a Christian daycare right?? Well anyway the young one (after watching it) says "Mom, something was wrong with that show, I didn't like the way it made me feel. It was stupid and I wish I had never went". That was odd behavior for him because they went and saw the play in a beautiful pavilion and as young as he is, he does appreciate that kind of stuff already. Shame on me for not checking it out. Thank you for this video, he wants to watch bfg, I figured it was bad. I we all crave a good family movie but – it's not going to happen. We won't be watching it. God Bless.

  11. Jay Pv says:

    Everything we've grown up with is a joke.. the materialism, the CULT-ure, the entertainment, and all of the other distractions.. money is lie, and happiness is not bought. We've sold our humanity out for whatever the television said and what was popular at the time. All of civilization has been cyclical and eventually will crumble and decay. This is the truth that is hardest to swallow. We must destroy these implanted fallacies that is our lives and get back to God. There is only one way, and He has always been and will always be.

  12. Role Doll / Roll Doll / Rolled Doll

  13. Im surprised you didn't quote the Sons of God Daughters of Men from the bible. also theres an innuendo in the street image with the cloaked Giant. Doesn't the steel fixture coming out the lamp look like cock and balls? right where the Giants cock and balls would be? lol

  14. juan jose says:

    The "programming" of the People. I have always said THEY KILL OFF THE MOTHERS and make seem OK. FUK that!!!

  15. Buttaflyross says:

    That giant for some reason reminds me of the giant in Beowolf

  16. I totally understand what you are doing here but I think orphan based fiction is about escapement… However I believe the agenda has put their mark on social and entertainment media.I think on a personal level of each individual who reads these books and sees the human drama and maybe can relate and even in someways can use as a means to survive mentally somehow through their own situation…I just think this isn't as sinister as maybe conspired..?

  17. I never thought Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a kid's movie. And if you use "f*cking" instead of "friendly" in BFG (as in WTF), is it an adjective or a verb?

    Something I found interesting….
    Rosemary LaBianca's drivers license showing she lived at 4053 Woking Way, a house built by Walt Disney.

    An article about the house.

  18. asenath7766 says:

    We went to see "Finding Dory" (meh), and the trailer for this movie completely put me off. I told my son's dad he is to not take him to see this movie.

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