Bibi: ‘Thou shalt not marry an American Jew’


Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu did it again. Even though he himself is a dual US-Israel citizen, his ministry of immigration and absorption has created a set of Hasbara (propaganda) ads campaign which warns the Yordim (expat Jews living in the US) that they would loose their Jewish identity if they don’t make permanent aliya to Israel. The racist videos posted on the ministry website caution Jews raising their children in United States as that would bring them more closer to American Christian culture. The narrator in one of the video says in essence that children raised in the US “will never understand what it means to be an Israeli“.

The advertisements have pissed off many of Israel’s Hasbara propagandists in America. For example, former Israeli jail guard-turned a respectable journalist, Jeffrey Goldberg, wrote in the Atlantic on November 30, 2011 – “I don’t think I have ever seen a demonstration of Israeli contempt for American Jews as obvious as these ads…. The message is, Dear american Jews, thank you for lobbing for American defense aid (an what a great show you put on the AIPAC convention each year!) but, please, stay away from our sons and daughters“.

I can understand the real purpose of these ads. Israel fears not only its demographic but also its religious and parasitic Tsunami. In Israel the fertility rate for Jews is 2.6%, Muslims 4.6% and among 110,000 Bedouins is 5.9%. However, ABC’s Ben Knight believes that Israel is doomed by religious Jews who hate to be part of work force and not that much from rise in the population of native Muslims and Christians.

“Secular Israelis work, pay taxes, and serve in the army. Ultra-orthodox, or Haredi Jews, don’t. Secular Israelis are prepared to die for their country in battle, but have to travel outside it to get married in a civil ceremony. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty sore point. Especially as the demographic balance is shifting fast. Secular couples have, on average, around two children per couple. Haredi couples have closer to eight or nine,” wrote Ben Knight.

Ben Knight also claims: “And it’s changing the very identity of Israel – away from the secular, socialist civil society it was created as in 1948 – to something quite different. To see it in action, you only need to take a peek inside an Israeli school. Israeli’s government funds three streams of education; regular state schools, ultra-orthodox religious schools, and Israeli Arab schools. Back in 1960, only around 15 per cent of Israeli children were enrolled in religious or Arab schools. That figure is now around 50 per cent. In 30 years, it will be almost 80 per cent. That is a frightening statistic for the nation of Israel. Arab Israelis have long had lower education, and higher unemployment levels”.

“But the real problem is in the religious stream. In religious schools, children don’t learn mathematics, science, or English; only the Bible. All day, every day. And Haredi men are expected to – and do – continue that Bible study for the rest of their lives. What does it mean? Well, if the figures are to be believed, in less than 30 years, Israel will have a population where the majority either can’t, or won’t join the workforce – putting an increasing, and impossible burden on the secular minority to pay the taxes and serve in the army,” says Ken Knight.

In 2004, Ariel Sharon told French Jews: “Move to Israel, as early as possible“. Then he gave the reason of his advice: “In France today, about 10 percent of the population are Muslims – that gets a different kind of anti-Semitism, based on anti-Israel feeling and propaganda“. However, French response to Sharon’s appeal was pathetic. Only a few hundred French Jews emmigrated to Israel.

In 2007, an American Jewish/Evangelist group offered $10,000 to each Iranian Jew who would emigrate to Israel. The response was even worse than French. Less than two dozen accepted that bribe.

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  1. Gary Liss says:

    “putting an increasing, and impossible burden on the secular minority to pay the taxes and serve in the army,” says Ken Knight.
    Anyone and everyone knows conservative orthodox Jews won’t fight because It is against their religion… Duh!
    Who is it! Ben Knight, or Ken Knight? Maybe a typo! maybe not!
    In addition, I’ve never heard of any American Jewish/ Evangelist groups! Why can’t the author tell us the name of the groups who offered the money? Is it a secret? Don’t you know? Your articles lack real information and suggests you really can’t back it up with facts.
    People will make what they will of these things to blow them out of proportion. So what if Bibi says that! Who is he hurting? Why does this mean so much to people who aren’t even Jews? What do you expect him to say, for Jews to move to Iran? and marry Iranians or Pakistani’s? of course he’s going to say Israel. In some cultures like Islam it is also forbidden for the women/men to marry outside the religion. And if he” Bibi”says don’t marry American Jews, so what! Did he offend an American Jew? Arab, Persian, Pakistani? He has a right to say that! Why do so many of these articles never interview the person they’re critisizing. They never give them a chance to explain what they really mean. Instead we see wannabees taking statements out of context in order to validate their twisted views. This means nothing and proves nothing! We see this playing out in every religion, but when it’s the Jews, we see the bigots and racists come out strong. I see alot of Anti-semitic material on this website. And you speak of WWIII? Most people who post on here are the worst offenders of hate, racism, and whats wrong with the world today. Most of you are so bored with your own lives you need to play the blame game and make comments that most of the time are not worth responding to because they lack any credibility. Many statements are nothing more than propaganda, opinions without fact, conjecture, the truth is often cast aside for sensationalism and making sure your hate message is heard. Most are just wanna be journalists who think they have the correct story, the definitive story on what happens.

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