Big Central Bankers: The Root of Pure Evil. The Major Source of Instability around the World.


It is time to look past the puppet leaders who are just the willing accomplices to carry out the plan for a world government creating order out of chaos. This is how the super wealthy operated through political puppets to carry out the agenda to rule the world. They can only do this by creating crisis and instability in sovereign nations who do not play ball with the bankers.

Big Central Bankers The Root of Pure Evil. The Major Source of Instability around the World.

John D. Rockefeller said”Competition is a sin”

To the central bankers. To have a currency that competes with their debt based currency scheme that threatens their monopoly on controlling the money supply must not stand.  Through their tax free foundations funding NGOs(Non Governmental Organizations). These organizations that are foreign agents of a power outside the jurisdiction foment ethnic or sectarian violence playing divide and conquer in order to try to overthrow governments that does not want a central bank.

Michael Rivero’s essay of “All wars are banker’s Wars” outlines how the Private Central Bankers did to start World War I and II. This writing is a must read to understand how the central bankers do in order to control the people.

It is now 2014 and now since the creation of the internet. The Bankers can no longer hide in the shadows behind their puppet leaders. Their plan and devices they use to destabilize nations that refuse to go along with the oligarchs are being exposed. Populations are pushing back against austerity under a banker imposed financial dictatorship of debt slavery.

The Bankers have been behind the overthrow in Libya when President Gaddafi  wanted to have a gold backed currency for the development for African continent. This was a threat to the central banking establishment that did not want an asset backed currency competing with their fiat money that is created out of nothing.

The Bankers wasted no time sending in Al Qaeda destabilizing the country  overthrowing the government putting in place a pro central banker leadership making sure the wealth and the nations gold was taken out of the country.

When the Ukrainian government rejected the offer to join N.A.T.O and the European Union. The made the choice entering into an agreement with Russia that was far more attracting and beneficial than going with with the parasitic EU that will loot the nation’s wealth by austerity of high taxes being burden to pay for a banker debt the people do not owe. A debt impossible to pay by design to keep people in slavery to the banks.

Through the NGOs and the US State Department and George Soros who is an agent for the Bankers sent in people from outside the Ukraine to stage protest, to provoke violence against the police in Kiev. As a result the elected government has been overthrown.

Now there is an illegitimate government not elected, selected by the Bankers to govern Ukraine. Chechen fighters, mercenaries all funded by the central bankers through the US State the Department and NGOs for the purpose to provoke an incident to drag Russia into proxy war with the western powers to make President Putin look bad.

In Russia through NGOs outside of Russia funding protest against President Putin trying to destabilize the country in an attempt to topple the Russian Federation. The Russian Parliament passed a law telling NGOs outside of Russia register as foreign agents in order to keep them in check preventing these groups from fomenting the divide and conquer strategy in Russia to maintain stability.

Why? It is because Russia is the anti central banker power that is the threat to the oligarchs. This is why Russia has been able to prevent wars from starting in Iran, Syria and containing the Ukrainian crisis from escalating into Russia.

The tried to start a war with Syria trying to start  a war using a false flag chemical attack as a reason to overthrow President Assad the first time. This action was planned as a smoke screen also to conceal the looting of bank accounts in Cyprus to prop up the Zombie bankers.

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The Bankers through operatives in Syria tried to stage another chemical attack with the hope of invading the country. Russia stepped up, the US Military  and the public outcry against another war stopped the Bankers starting a war in Syria.

The tried to start a war with Iran over a Nuclear Weapons program being a threat to Israel was hogwash. The reason why they wanted to start a war with Iran was because the decided to sell oil in Euros and other currencies by passing the Petro dollar bypassing the Bretton Woods agreement. The know a was with Iran would tank the economy in America because the price for a barrel of crude oil.

There are constant attacks on pipelines in Africa to manipulate the price of light sweet crude oil.

There are famines in Greece and other countries that serve the Banks where the oligarchs by design are creating artificial scarcity cutting off the resources to control the people.

The Bankers who control the governments through the World Bank, the IMF are the source of all evil and destabilization around the world.

It would not surprise me through funding sources that have unlimited funding of the Rockefeller, the Ford Foundations are behind the mass influx of illegal crossings from Central and South America coming up through Mexico. To the point of an epidemic of diseases these people are bringing and the sudden population surge in the Southwest of America and Texas because the border is not secured.

They are trying to create a crisis to bankrupt the country because of the demand of social services. These illegal migrants are depleting the financial resources of local municipalities and Hospitals to the point they are going broke. Are they trying to bring in UN Peacekeepers to occupy the border. Are the trying to make a crisis so bad in the southwestern states of riots and pandemics trying to destabilize the southwestern states with a race war using the illegal alien population as a political weapon to break the will and wage economic warfare against the American people?

Are the Bankers are hoping the American  people would welcome United Nations intervention with peacekeepers on the border to stop the created humanitarian crisis perpetrated by the US government? All this with the bankers trying to bring down the United States any way possible to bring in the North American Union. Something the American people never consented to that is being implemented in secret because once it is all exposed in the light of truth. The globalist plans will fall apart. I believe America will survive and prevail against the bankers. Get ready for many battles to come and do not lose heart.

The good news is the bankers are being exposed. They no longer have the luxury hiding behind  their puppet leaders calling the shots in the shadows. The curtain has been pulled back. The controlled media they own are imploding losing their audience. The print media like the New York Times no longer controls the narrative. The new independant citizen journalist media has taken over agenda.  Their fiat money is coming to an end. They are desperate trying to start wars, trying to destabilize the country because the world is waking up to their schemes.

Now we know the source that is the root of all evil. It is the bankers. It is time we shake off the shackles of debt slavery like the early Americans did breaking away from the Bank of England who was the cause of much trouble in the world back then.

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