Big Pharma Big Money : Documentary on the Money and Corruption of Big Pharmaceutical Companies


Big Pharma Big Money : Documentary on the Money and Corruption of Big Pharmaceutical Companies. …


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  1. Occhi Blu says:

    Six people just died in france in clinical drug trials which were basically synthetic caninbanoids. WHY? Seems like the real caninbaioids are easy to grow in your back yard. Look it up just happened last week and was reported on the ap wire. When will big pharma go too far SEEMS LIKE THEY CROSSED THAT LINE A LOOOOONNNNNGGG TIME AGO

  2. i aint gonna lie tho. if i could get addy as easily as this video claims. i'd be popping that shit and selling it non stop. addy's my shit dude lmfeao. but ya. fuck big pharma. i didnt even need to watch this video to know some bullshit was behind it. atleast i know now right

  3. Gene Ladner says:

    The charlatans pushing pharmaceuticals in ANY fashion suffer from a well-known disorder of its own: EXCESSIVE GREED DISORDER. Bet they could find a pill for that, right???

  4. Gene Ladner says:

    Of course, there is ONE disorder that big pharma has no interest in treating with a pill or anything else: EXCESSIVE GULLIBILITY DISORDER. After all, only a gullible person is blissfully unaware in this day and age that big pharma is only after big money, NOT CURES or other viable treatment for ANYTHING. ALL of it is POISON.

  5. deadheadtrea says:

    No credits? Could this possibly Scientologist propaganda as this isn't so much about Big Pharma as it is anti mental health? It'd probably be good to know the sources of this documentary.

  6. Many African people died adverse drug reaction accidentely.

  7. The Game says:

    lexotnil (bromazepam) benzodizipams sorry for the mistakes was prescribed for depression 5 years ago i still use it more then the doctor perscribed now iam tapering lowering dosages its absolute hell if u want to get rid of depression u have to go out meet people go for a walk 5 days a week for minumum 30 minutes and take multivatims through nature such as eating salads with meals fruits and multivitamin pill for a month DONT USE THESE MEDS THEY HAD MADE MY LIFE HELL and some other people i know walk is the best hting u can do go to a park

  8. k jerue says:

    use kratom … if you are depressed , have chronic pain , kratom is the answer and big pharma may go fuck themselves

  9. I am offended by this…I spent 43 years of my life not "getting it " and being constantly angry…Now I am on prescribed medication for all my mental disorders and yes they do work. People like you are a sad sham. As bad as the Dr. that I went to and said everything was fine. If you don't live it you don't have a clue so give me a break about how you can't prove it because they do do tests …because it doesnt show up on an Xray there is no problem???? Try a brain scan nimrod…not too hard to figure out and either way what goes on in your head isnt quite the same and anyone with any common sense at all will know this…A crock of crap!!!

  10. ASMR SirDrae says:

    This was looong but AMAZING!
    A great eye opener ?

  11. cableguy209 says:

    suicide pills

  12. T truth says:

    As usual white ppl up to no good thinking they are helping but they are not concern how this is harming ppl is all the about money

  13. Funny how the diagnoses comes in only when there is a drug to treat that condition. Then no more diagnosis when the patent runs out.

  14. Fred Tichi says:

    my doctor doubled my dose on the day i told him i was feeling drunk and couldnt make sence of what was going on around me . and people were plotting to kill me . and then got offended because i got angry . the cunt

  15. paul8kangas says:

    I take Lithium, 50 mpg, an hour before bed.
    Pastel dreams of flowers and nature.

  16. is this for real America? out of a horror movie almost

  17. just admit it they are purposely made addictive

  18. June ribaldi says:

    Great Documentary.

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