BIG WAR Part 38 – Thrilling Intent EP 151


On this BONUS episode of Thrilling Intent! Everyone settles back in to their home on the Shrouded Isles. Gregor and Thog check in new arrivals. And Ashe wants …


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  1. Lapidate [lap-i-deyt]
    Verb (used with object); lapidated, lapidating.
    1. to pelt with stones.
    2. to stone to death.

    Well then.

  2. I'm partial to a shit-shack

  3. Y'all need to stop using the prison of lights as a shortcut.

  4. (Ok, I'm sorry, i didn't watch this episode at the time of posting. I'm still in The Gods are Gone) Well, Happy Spookday/ All Hallow's Eve/ Costume Day/ 31st day of 10th month everyone!

  5. bob jones says:

    30:40 D-d-d-d-double Kier

  6. ZoanBlade90 says:

    7:58 It also sounds like she abandoned him as a kid for many years, and he got angry.

  7. ZoanBlade90 says:

    9:04 Ashling: The closest thing Kier's likely ever gotten resembling a mother. =D

  8. ZoanBlade90 says:

    9:14 Hello, new design. =D

  9. ZoanBlade90 says:

    11:54 Video immediately gets a thumbs up for someone calling out Killill for her behavior in the past. =)

  10. ZoanBlade90 says:

    13:02 Well, Gregor will be happy.

  11. ZoanBlade90 says:

    21:06 Gregor: "It's good to be home."

  12. The moment you realize that they could have claimed homes instead of living in 9 shrines adventure and dines

  13. Star casters says:

    batty is a what ….. donts gonna be pissed.

  14. I think tax goat would be pretty good for immigration

  15. raffikilee says:

    Who do you think will be the Sheriff of the Shrouded Isles? If I remember correctly the last one was called a "God Slayer", or someone who was magically empowered to supervise spirits and humans.

  16. Nate3417 says:

    Oh god, Batty was a pigbat the whole time?! The plot thickens…

  17. "That's probably fine" is a phrase that leads to nothing good in this world.
    How much I relate to Thog on a regular basis is probably a problem…

  18. Hey, what happened to colface? Did he make it here or did he die somewhere? Also to Lapidate means to stone someone to death apparently

  19. willky flame says:

    Anyone else concerned about the second keir?

  20. Mokuba Kaiba says:

    After watching several episodes a day for a about a month and a half I'm finally caught up from the beginning

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