Black Ops 3: UNSOLVABLE EASTER EGG REVEALED + World at War Easter Egg Never Found


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  1. JDM Cesar says:

    A good ole Call of Duty Mystery…interesting…

  2. +Papamastec I know what it is but I don't want people to spoil it

  3. Me and my friend activated it by shooting something and something with the teleporters and the hide and seek game those are all the clues how I got it

  4. RiskyZeus says:

    Plot twist! there is no easter egg!

  5. TREVINparty says:

    vanossGaming did the easter egg watch his video

  6. could it be the one in nazi zombies where you get all the guns in the mystery box

  7. well, I'm clearing my non-existent schedule for tomorrow and maybe the next week to find the W@W Easter egg. I wonder if it's on Der riese or shi no numa.

  8. I feel like there's no easter egg on bo3 they're just saying it so it literally is impossible?
    any one else agree?

  9. What if there were unsolvable Easter eggs in the past call of duties but we found them? So the one in WaW is solvable…

  10. luckykiller8 says:

    remember the ghosts from the multiplayer maps if you were in a private match alone? well what if it has something to do with them saying something if played after combining the audio and maybe playing it backwords? and since easter eggs are mostly in zombies, maybe there are the ghosts in those maps? and if we find the one in WaW theres a possibility of it being the same thing in bo3 because of the success of the easter egg in waw?? just a theory i came up with, wouldnt hurt to have some people to help me test it?? =)

  11. Did you guys found the new Nuk3town easteregg with the zombies!?!?
    oh…….. never mind……

  12. I haven't seen the video yet I've caused it before it started but I will send five dollars to chaos PayPal if this isn't something someone already found lmfaooo

  13. Maybe Jason has already revealed the Easter egg. Think about it, the ULTIMATE purpose is for you to die. There's no other way. You have to try to survive for as long as you can but you will end up dying anyways… Think about that. Maybe there is something that has to with dying?

  14. fond it is a hard it has all black ops 123

  15. It's in nuke town black ops 3 shoot all the white people manaquin if am spelling it right kill them in under 2 mins cyborg zombies will come

  16. All the people who read this will know
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  17. Nerv Gaming says:

    I found a black ops 2 Easter egg on one of the maps it has a copy of bo2 and I found one of the ghosts prestige symbols

  18. It has to be something with the trinity

  19. You look through black ops 1-3 then cod 1-4 and finally the modern warfare series.

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