Black Ops 3 vs World at War | Verge vs Banzai


Who remembers Banzai from World at War?! ○ Best Pokemon Paint Jobs in BO3: ○ WaW Map Remake in Black Ops 3: …


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  1. TechWars says:

    standoff remake please?

  2. What's goi oo guyz tmar here

  3. Atlas - says:

    STOP! Now think of the best things in your life around 2013 and comment it or your supply drop won't open.

  4. Qasim Issa says:

    lol difference in graphics my waw on pc looks better than bo3 on ps4

  5. It's Twistt says:

    Subscribe to me it's Twistt for call of duty BO3 gameplay of the awakening dlc, nuk3town , and more

  6. Screw new call of duty games. REMASTER THE OLDER GAMES!!

  7. Gunpoint says:

    MW2 Remake pl0x?

  8. EddieBoy21 says:

    How much are treyarch paying you for this?

  9. Holy Cow! In terms of graphics and textures and stuff like that, what a Monster difference, what a *difference 8 years and a difference a console can make"

    yeah.. no.

    ….I lol'd at this, until I realized how many games have gone by without a significant graphical update…

  10. sai co says:

    tmartns "gift" to his subscribers is a fraud, dont do it, it asks too much info

  11. I'm probably the only one who's ok with a space call of duty. I just don't care as long as there isn't exo/thrust movement

  12. What Trevor  wants world at war 2?!?! there wasn't 3 world wars

  13. Treyarch……2018 I think you mean……. Sledgehammer 2018

  14. iCortex1 says:

    honestly I just wish cod developpers stopped being so retarded … just remaster WaW for ps4 and there you go, most sold call of duty of all times.

  15. out of all of the amazing WAW maps why did they choose this one

  16. Treyarch… Pls just give us the old Banzai… Yours sincerely, everyone

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