Blogger mail – CRAFT STATIONERY HAUL + DIY Christmas Decorations


Hi charming guys! In this video I’m going to show you craft & stationery supplies that I’ve recently received from International Arrivals.I’m also going to show you …


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  1. I love the puffy pens

  2. I love this video it's ADOABLE


  4. NerdECrafter says:

    These items look so wonderful and colorful! =D

  5. choclid says:

    This is just one big commercial?

  6. very nice. and I love you ????

  7. Farrah Lily says:

    You did such a great job on this video! Your editing and style is great. Great job!

  8. CrAzY !!!! says:

    omg!! i love it!!?

  9. Antosia P. says:

    Jesteś z Polski? :D

  10. Watching this made me so happy and giddy for supplies! My birthday's coming up next month so hopefully I can get some of these 😀 Beautiful calligraphy and crafts btw!

  11. Andrea Jerez says:

    OMG I love it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I want it all!!! But I didn't live on USA ?
    What I can do to get it ???? ?

  12. Raja Mani says:

    could you do some crafts with these

  13. Sooo awesome! Too bad im too poor to afford anything x'D

  14. Czy znasz jakieś polskie sklepy w tym stylu? Internetowe albo stacjonarne? (jesteś z Katowic czy mi się wydaje? :P)
    Pozdrowienia :)

  15. Jennifer Min says:

    so many interesting stuff! i was also amazed by your christmas projects! plz post some tutorials about them they all look amazaing!;D

  16. This is too amazing

  17. Puchy Tats says:

    awesome video! now i want to buy everything ??

  18. You should do a giveaway on your charms <3 I love them so much

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