Bloodlines of The Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier


Fritz is a living legend and his books are mandatory reading material for anyone wanting to understand the snakes who are running our world , The greatest threat to the Illuminati is exposure of the difference between PRIVATE central banks and national central banking. It is that simple. Exposing Astor, Clinton and Jefferson within the context of 1st (20% nationally held) Bank of the USA and the intentionally created debt from Madison’s War to finance the 100% private 2nd bank is not permitted.

That formula, war debt creating private central banks, is the crux of Illuminati control. because….the emperor that alllll the Dracula myths and vampire books movies dvds was/were based on an ACTUAL PERSON. A man so evil, his name was Vlad the Impaler from Transylvania. He did such horrible things that he reached a sort of infamous legend status. Also, he was one of the earlier of the Illuminati bloodline. So we’re seeing descendants. I’ve heard that one. wow this stuff gets better…. and better…

if you have watched the movie Dinner for Schmucks you can see that you can only be mind controlled if you believe someone has power over your mind.. Then that guy said you have brain control so the “mind control” doesn’t affect him .. its all about belief..



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  1. Rachel Zimmerman says:

    Dear friends,

    Just to let you know that Fritz is the co author of the book WORLDWIDE EVIL AND MISERY: THE LEGACY OF THE 13 SATANIC BLOODLINES (ISBN 1-889743-72-0)

    Autors are Robin de Ruiter and Fritz Springmeier

    This book was published last year in English and Spanish. They are available as Ebook and Paperback:

    Paperback and Ebook in English and Spanish:

    KINDLE EBOOK: Free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet

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