Bluedrake42 Presents ► Battleground Europe: World War II Online


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  1. nickp123478 says:

    This was an EPIC sim in its day, i joined up pretty much from launch and ran a RAF squadron for years, WWIIOL without question gave the best online experiences I've aver had, it was an incredible sim, im also an eve online player and even for people who don't play eve, those vids of huge battles turns them on, well those battles you see don't happen all that often in reality, WWIIOL produced that level and more and a daily basis!, several huge squads working together through HC all on comm's epic wasn't the word…

    CRS make me so angry, i both love em and hate em!, before launch most people in the gaming world said WWIIOL could not be done, it was just to big, and they were nearly right!, it had a horrible launch, but CRS stuck with it and made it happen and boy im glad they did, what resulted was the best combat sim bar non, arma and the likes had nothing on WWIIOL, yes the grafix were and are bellow par, but once you got into it you never saw that (not that eye candy bothers me anyway), the game play and more importantly the teamplay was just incredible, its impossible to explain unless you had experienced it, the other thing WWIIOL had was one of the most incredible communities ever, extremely loyal player base.. i still miss a lot of those guys…

    Not many games get the chance that WWIIOL did, and that's what hurts the most, CRS had it all and blew it, we stuck by them for years buying special subscription plans just to help the game progress, a lot of our community put a lot of real money in WWIIOL to help support it and the devs but CRS just lost their heads, saying that…. when i say CRS most of the damage was done by a couple of the head devs. One who shall not be named (but those in the know, know who im talking about) pretty much single handed killed WWIIOL, they (or he depends on your views) totally misunderstood their targeted playerbase and simply refused to see the issues and went about destroying what was the magic of WWIIOL, This game was pretty much my online life for a good few years and enjoyed every minute of it and for that, i thank CRS, they HAD a decent dev team who created the impossible and made it work and for that they should be commended but they also had their chance and blew it! BIGTIME!…

    It was awful towards end when it got quite nasty on the forums, devs turned very nasty refused to listen to anything and we were basically told to shut up or go, these were day 1 players with 7 years plus under there belts who had payed a lot extra to help the game and supported them through think and thin… Honestly what the player base did for WWIIOL was incredible, most of the hardcore players took up CRS's offer and walked… Very sad.. it was gut wrenching to see the sime you put so much time/effort and money into just fall apart..

    Don't get me wrong, this game can still be great, and i really wish them all the best and i urge you to try it, a lot of fun can still be had here, BUT…….. Its not what it was and more to the point it will never be what it could have been….

    I will always have a special place in my heart for wwiiol and i can say whole heartedly it was the best game i have ever played, and I've been gaming since zx spectrum… And i mean that!! it was incredible and CRS did a great job in making it happen and i thank them for that, but dear god…. it still hurts now… they never realised or admited their fault's and from what i hear of the state of things over at CRS now its the same story…. they went with what the believed to right i guess…

    all you guys wondering why you havnt heard of WWIIOL, its your dream game…. this was our point years ago… we didnt need twitch kiddies to make it work, there are loads of people out there wanting the full combat experience, they just needed to be found, this is when we had hundreds fighting over towns every night! sometimes thousands over a single town (antwerp anyone :D)… WWIIOL and CRS had that chance……

    I hope WWIIOL gets back to its roots and blooms once again, do i believe it will?? i dunno and its not for me to say.. i hope so i really do….

  2. This guy sounds like he is doing so much drugs at the beginning.

  3. Partygamers says:

    this is not worth that much money, payed it, it wasn't even that much fun

  4. are you still playing this pm me

  5. NitroCorn says:

    This game is amazing, and i don't have a subscription and still find it so fun.

  6. These graphics don't look that bad. Especially since it is 15 years old.

  7. HIVkikker says:

    How can you talk so much en do so little in the game :/

  8. Darth Vader says:

    I remmember this .. Story: We were holding a village and got orders to move out to a nearby town.. it got cancel bc the germans ( other team ) attacked us with mortars , airplanes and tanks … I myself spawned as an AA soldier and was shooting at the tanks and airplanes.. it lasted 3 hours ..

  9. JagSkillz says:

    Graphics remind me of the original Day of Defeat.
    But wow,This is a massive game.
    Can you choose wepons and such?

  10. ive played since 2001 off and on since 2011. i LOVE this game. I was in the 1FJ taking Mauberg when it was WAY behind the line. Grenades were a HUGE step forward along with mortars

  11. Hey dude thanks for the video, great laugh, my sides are still hurting. Big fan of H&G, but will give this game a go.

  12. Pierre A says:

    Great huge maps, but what's the player base?

  13. faro0485 says:

    This game's low detail hardly taxes your graphics card. The only thing that makes your fps drop, is the numbers and the physics of the numbers of players, shooting stuff that actually exists.

  14. Valiant 141 says:

    If only you could get better stream protection for this, it was cool when you played WW2 OL. Not tempted to do dry run non streamed videos just for here?

  15. Lemarcq says:

    if this had better graphics, i would leave H&G instantly, but hey, its looks poopy as shit, no offence. i like the idea tho. if they just would update the damn game it would be nice.

  16. Alex Tkachev says:

    I'm in, Where do I join?

  17. Panzerlang says:

    Yeah, "realistic", with objects festooned with info-tags. Lol. Does it still sound like you're having gravel thrown at you when your tank is knocked-out by an AP round?

  18. ELi7e says:

    every time when i search a world war 2 game i find your videos, lol

  19. Lion24 says:

    Imagine this if it was WW1

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