BOAC Flight 781 De Havilland Comet ‘ Mid Air Explosion ‘


There is speculation That it was shot down ? Was it ? On Sunday 10 January 1954 , British Overseas Airways Corporation Flight 781 , a de Havilland DH.106 …


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  1. last words of capt. "george how jig?
    ' wtf does that mean?

  2. never mind its a call sign

  3. Regina Floyd says:

    I think the comet is one of the best looking aircraft ever built but it was never completed with the Boeing 707 the 707 was a much better aircraft

  4. Greg B says:

    So if the holes used to install the windows had been drilled, or included when the metal was cast, this problem would never have developed?  De Havilland's desire to say a few pounds by punching the holes cost dozens of lives.  Let this be a lesson for all manufacturers–DO IT RIGHT, OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL!

  5. lol  I wonder how people in that day would react to a 787!

  6. Aluminium skin just over HALF A FRICKIN MM THICK?! Half a mm is 1/20 of a CM!  Thinner than Your eyelid!

  7. It was a cool looking aircraft, but its troubled history left the commet and De Haviland in a pinch.
    Good documentary. 

  8. faffaflunkie says:

    When you fly a British airline- be safe- and buy travel insurance.

  9. Ca Coast says:

    Well done investigation. Minor details: '50s fashion reenactment off by 10+ years …skirts too short and sideburns/hair too long.

  10. This story is such a heartbreaker… I feel so sorry for those people that were waiting in England…

  11. Kelly Quinn says:

    Flying tinfoil……

  12. brian   Edwards   KINGS   OWN   BORDERS    NATIONAL   SERVICE   FINISH ED        2YEAR   DUTY   1961            IN   BAHRAIN   FLEW     BACK   TO   UK   WITH     300   MEN   ABOARD    BOAC    COMET   I   CUESS   WE  WERE   ON   THE   RIGHT   ONE   THANK   GOD

  13. Robert Young says:

    BOAC=British Airways,the Comet was a piece of shit square windows instead of round

  14. Robert Young says:

    De Havilliand Canada isn't around anymore either,its now Bombardier

  15. Joseph Leeks says:


  16. Stratus 262J says:

    Like most cutting-edge technology,  the world's first passenger jet had it's problems.  But the Comet was a very nice plane and a historic milestone in aviation.   And not bad looking either.   Contrast this plane to the UGLY Boeing 747 & Airbus 380 and it looks even better.   The British – French Concorde is one of the most beautiful airplanes to ever fly.

  17. Terry Melvin says:

    From this video, I gather that planes lose their airworthiness when the wings and tail fall off the fuselage.

  18. randy109 says:

    No disrespect intended, but;  Watching them piece the Comet together in that Hangar reminded me of Humpty Dumpty.  All the King's Horses and All the King's Men couldn't put the Comet together again…  A tragedy that was quite simply human error (engineering error).  New Technology will always have 'bugs' but when lives are at stake the common risks are incredible when they show themselves.  So sad…

  19. Ali Sherri says:

    looks like the comets design was stolen by the germans in 1945 , their first jet bomber looks similar.

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