Bono, Richard Branson, and Olivia Wilde Make Fun of “Illuminati Conspiracies” in Ad for Clean Water



In February, Matt Damon launched a campaign to raise awareness about the lack of clean water in third world countries. While this is an important and noble cause, an ad promoting it featuring Bono, Richard Branson and Olivia Wilde pretty much focuses on something else: Ridiculing Illuminati-related conspiracies. Why? Nobody really knows.

Bono, Richard Branson, and Olivia Wilde Make Fun of “Illuminati Conspiracies” in Ad for Clean Water


This video about clean water ends with billionaire Richard Branson yelling: “Illuminati assemble!”. What’s the relation? Dunno. Is this supposed to be funny? Well, I didn’t laugh. My right eye is slightly twitching, though.

In less than a two minutes, the ad manages to annoy me on a several levels. First, it is yet another example of celebrities trying to get some precious PR goodness by associating their “image” with some kind of good cause. Instead of like, shutting up and helping people on the low, they rather get in front of a camera and tell regular people: “Hey! I’m a celebrity and I’ve got money, look at how great I am because I care about this latest Hollywood good cause trendy thing… And you’re selfish jerk for not caring!”

Second, everyone probably went to the bathroom RIGHT AFTER shooting the video. Isn’t basing a celebrity campaign around an action nobody will ever actually accomplish just representative of the hypocrisy going on there? It’s like an indirect way of saying: “We’ll do absolutely nothing about this issue expect running our mouth and prove we’re better than others for caring”.

What’s however most mind boggling is that the celebs in the ad don’t seem to be concerned about water as much as they are about making fun of Illuminati “conspiracies” and, by ricochet, the millions of truth seekers around the world.

First, you have Bono making fun of Illuminati theories – the one whose NWO-friendly organizations are funded by Bill Gates (Mr. Depopulation) and George Soros (Mr. One World Government and One World Currency). This guy’s “entourage” is part of the Bilderberg group, the Council of Foreign Relations and other elitist branches of the Illuminati and HE’S making fun of the theories. Bono, nobody actually believes that the Illuminati is a bunch of celebrity douchebags meeting in secret. So why deform the truth to make it sound ridiculous?

Then you have Richard Branson who probably has enough money to fix the entire problem by himself but prefers to do lame jokes on YouTube for the lulz.

Then there’s Olivia Wilde who says that she’s an “android from the future” because, apparently, those who seek the truth about the world are also dumb enough to believe that she’s android from the future.

Here’s an idea: How about discussing the root of the water problem in Africa? Why not talk about the systematic exploitation and siphoning of every single resource out of Africa to profit colonial powers? The creation of fake African countries by colonial powers to keep an economic stronghold on them? The putting in place of corrupt puppet governments that do not build infrastructures for its people? The IMF imposing strict economic restrictions on these countries to help Bilderberg-backed multinational corporations? Yeah…no, that’s boring…and that goes against the interests of their “masters”. Yup, don’t want people to know that the ones making you feel bad about the problem are the ones who actually created it. Let’s make stupid Illuminati jokes instead.

I guess that the no-toilet strike suits well these celebrities…Because they’re full of shit.

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  1. John Cook says:

    Please investigate Libya and Mummar Qadiffi. He was bringing fresh water to people more than Anyone else on the planet. He administered a welfare state unprecedented in the world. Free education, medical treatment and relief from the bankers with grants for starting a farm or business. $50,000 for each couple when they married towards housing. Free electricity, cost price petrol, half price cars. And the whole place ran on citizens committies and consensus politics.
    They loved him – but then he went TOO far. He was starting a new currency for the use of Africa in general – that’s bad enough but his new currency was Gold Dinars.

    Imagine, an oil producer, backing a gold based currency and irrigating Africa so it no longer was in danger of starvation…
    It was all too much, so “We” had to kill him.
    Do you think the sword up his ass was appropriate?

  2. 3rd World Countries = People to stupid or to lazy, or both, to do anything to better themselves and their society. I see these rich assholes as total flakes for holding up people that would be better left to Darwin. And worse yet, these rich morons support bringing the 3rd world to the 1st, ruining everything we and our ancestors have worked so hard to build up. Wherever they are seen, these rich douches should be tarred and feathered, then strung up by their necks.

    • John Cook says:

      You’ve got things remarkably upside down my friend.
      Please re-examine a few presumptions.
      Like “too lazy or stupid, or both, to do…”. Haven’t you ever been poor? The lack of a relatively tiny amount of seed capital can make it just plain impossible to extract yourself from the poverty trap. It’s designed that way. Those people have been entrapped into their subservience and poverty deliberately. The poorer, the more despairing they are the cheaper “we” can extract their resources, the more brutal, ugly and corrupt their government, the cheaper “we” can acquire their rescorces.

      Yeah, fuk them, they’re just stupid and lazy…


  3. Amazed says:

    Their egotistical attitudes disgust me..

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