Borean Man O’ War – Patch 3.1 Warcraft Hot Item



Here’s an example article from Just My Two Copper, a wow financial site which shows how to make countless numbers of gold in wow for cost-free!

  • E-mail recieved from the person “Decision”:

    I have just noticed that a currently worthless fish is getting a recipe in that will have greater wellness AND mana regen than any in the video game proper now. This fish even has existing swimming pools proper now and individuals fish these up a ton just on incident and set them on the ah for inexpensive.

    Borean male O’ war will be in a position to be created into black jelly which restores 18000 wellness and 15000 mana in excess of 30 sec. The subsequent closest only offers again 1500/1290 in excess of 30 sec.

    Nicely it looks like the selection is noticeable, (pun supposed!) obtain out those Borean Guy O’wars even though they remain super inexpensive!

    If you’re wanting to fish these then Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra are your greatest places. They do drop occasionally in some of the mid level zones as very well.

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Check out this comment on the matter of Borean Guy O’war:

“I disagree with Nameless that this will be similar to the Desire Shard matter (which I imagine Markco also did a great task of describing in a afterwards put up btw). The key right here is that Borean Guy O’ War are so damned inexpensive in the AH you’d be crazy not to obtain them. Usually providing for fewer than 1G a stack the financial gain likely is enormous and the preliminary financial commitment is negligeable. Further, not like Desire Shards, any class/profession/skill can use the cooked product so even if they do not sell you are going to basically have sufficient foodstuff to get you through the subsequent several months… no serious reduction possible.

Wonderful site Markco… maintain it up!”


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