BOULE- Illuminati Hollywood: RITUAL SEASON


Did Beyonce’s seven/11 “loss of life dance” trigger a chain of gatherings inside the Black Masonic community?


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  1. All music is satanic..all celebrities are satanic..all is by the devil..

  2. bullshit reaching

  3. LMAO no. She's Illuminati but this is terrible proof.


  5. AJ Smith says:

    She wasn't even thinking about this bs when she was doing those dances. She clearly was doing some random dances.

  6. Nedran Mills says:

    This was one of the worst videos I've seen. No connection no actual proof the dance moves didn't even match up. I've seen some videos of Beyoncé and videos of rituals that were spot on scary this was …. ?

  7. this is so messed up kali has nothing to do with and evil she is the devin mother of india … shame how americans can twist things in there favor not knowing the significans of a beautiful. religion that exsisted in BC its in history text bools in high school … education system sucks

  8. Cute Frog says:

    Lucifer can't be worshipped you idiots these satanic looneys are worshipping something more sinister.

  9. Cute Frog says:

    Lucifer can't be worshipped you idiots these satanic looneys are worshipping something more sinister.

  10. sirgeechi says:

    cops said the heard two shots and was a man killed himself. thats usually done with one shot. this is the worst proof of illuminati video ever. i dont see where anything i watched has to do with the subject

  11. satan doesnt dance like that

  12. Kali is not satanic people are so stupid

  13. Om Sri Maha Kalikayai Namaha

  14. wilwinent says:

    I'm sorry but the dance did NOT match the video

  15. Beyonce is one big devilish female who betrayed God for fame..she now serves Satan and doesn't care about any fans or even family …she's evil..goes to medians …and all types of people to keep herself famous ..repent or suffer with your idol

  16. the position she uses that all Hindi etc have done is satanic because the Christians say so lmao

  17. Lion Queen says:

    Beon in Hebrew an original language means slay. It's funny beyonce is always saying slayed which we know means destroy.

  18. I'm sorry, but "Mother Tucker" was a little funny.

  19. how come you don't hear about these white country singers have to do sacrifices and all this stuff what they don't want money just the black rappers and singers to funny

  20. oh cmon ur saying the illuminati is hurting tele tubbies in this nets game?ahahahaha…thats crazy even for me

  21. I had to laugh when I saw her sweater , KALE in Lithuanian means BITCH/HOE. My boyfriend just burst out laughing when he saw it (he's Lithuanian)

  22. Your Light says:

    This witch is evil like her ugly husband and all these lame ass baby sacrificing fesus eating donley fucking under the vatican fucking puppets.

  23. Gioele Arpa says:

    On the shirt there is ''KALE'' in english = kali

  24. This shit is retarted. Idiot she's doing her dance and the Indian dance is nothing demonic you ignorant fuck. She's shiva . Fuck out of here with this crap allover internet . Stupid jobless preak

  25. Ashley Davis says:

    This video is all over the place I didn't get it

  26. How is a sore throat an event that is related to a death dance ?? this video is dumb

  27. those dances were nothing alike lol

  28. chanel keen says:

    Keep exposing all this evil.

  29. Jesus Suarez says:

    KALI is a very Holy , mighty and Powerful Goddess. You will do well for yourself and those ignorant of who Kali is to leave her alone and out of your false accusations.

  30. Sometimes you stressed concept, but connections like Teletovic 33, and Cavs' players trying to hurt and blood him on purpose are good

  31. This was so dumb and a waste of my Time. Thanks

  32. Nothin satanic about kali nothin

  33. Nothin satanic about this dance lmao

  34. Not the same choreography. 🙁

  35. Christ is a pagan God to other religions

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