Brainwash America Satanic Illuminati Mind Control : Documentary Shocking 2015


brainwashed America Satanic Illuminati Mind Control : Shocking Documentary in 2015 .


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  1. I have a few questions: 1) Do you think you can be turned or persuaded to be gay,bisexual or transgendered?<-(I'm a bit bias about this one) 2)What would truly be the use of "popping" a mans butt if he's still going to have desire for women after the ceremony?[The answer would have to come after the first question] I'll continue when you answer the first two questions. No, religious BS. Just your personal feelings are needed to answer the first two. My answer: 1) No one celeb or otherwise can persuade me to be anything other than heterosexual. 2) Getting "popped" in your ass isn't going to turn you. If that were so then why aren't men 35y/o and up gay. At 35 every man is recommended to get the prostate checked. They do so by inserting the index finger into you rectum to check for any abnormal growths. They also do it in sperm banks. Tell me, why aren't they gay? Now, I will give you that the male prison system forces men to find alternative ways to relieve their sexual urges, but the only side effect of prolong exposure is a questioning of their sexuality when and if they get out.  So, far this video sounds irrational and one that relays on straw man arguments to prove their case. 

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