Brainwash America Satanic Illuminati Mind Control : Documentary Shocking 2015


brainwashed America Satanic Illuminati Mind Control : Documentary Shocking 2015. ILLUMINATED GAY AGENDA EXPOSED . ( This reverses the video …


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  1. Your shallow dreams and vulgar lives , how true

  2. Some people don't understand IRONY

  3. This is not a true text from Michael Musto tho

  4. D Kelly,Jr says:

    As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate Johnny Depp….

  5. always got to use the kids

  6. TAKE your children out of the COMMUNIST JEW Indoctrination Centers known as Public Schools. Also, Homosexuality is predominant amongst the Negro, Jewish and Asian races. It's hard to find a Caucasian faggot, and if you do, they are of the weakest minds of their people.

  7. Rotarylab S says:

    35:45 are you kidding me…kids do not need to be tought this at schools…how about some fucking math or english. not this gay shit.

  8. Jet Smith says:

    How are homosexuals gonna deal with procreation? this sooooo fucken stupid

  9. Please stop all the background music. Just give us the video without music.

  10. This also the crime of discrimination and Treason against the Constitution Law cannot outlaw Christianity as they have done. THAT is the crime. These actions to arrest Christians is totally UN-American and against the Constitution.

  11. Oona Craig says:

    Watch Kay Griggs on youtube.
    At 1:23:10 TIm Russert asks George W Bush and Jim Kerry about their membership in the secret society Skull and Bones. Russert was murdered (EMF weapon) for this interview.

  12. Oona Craig says:

    This twisted inversion of morality is the inevitable expression of the twisted Jewish mind which has been inbred in syphilitic ghettoes for sixty generations.
    Jews control the pornographic and violent record and movie industry.; they control the Big Fraudulent operations on Wall Street (Goldman Suchs).
    Look at what the Hasidic rabbis did to their despised "shiksa" slave Miley Cyrus, turning her into a public whore. The Jews systematically demean sexual relations by ridiculing and removing them from a loving, long-term family context; these people are not human but biological mutants. No one prevents homos from practicing their orientation in their private lives, but they are imposing their orientation on heterosexuals.
    The fact that heteros exual children are being given for adoption to sex-obsessed homosexual "couples" to raise is an abomination, a betrayal of society's duty to protect children's innocence.
    How do we protect the innocence of children?
    How do we get our country back?
    When are white, black and Hispanic boys going to wake up and go wild — to fix this societal problem?
    When are the Freemasons going to free themselves from the Jews' control and take back control of the courts?

  13. Oona Craig says:

    Forced homosexual sex on the casting couch is the new slavery for Blacks.
    Legalizing homosexuality is the first step toward legalizing polygamy and bestiality.
    All the media attention about the gay issue is done by Jew-News to divert attention from the FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE — the Big Sucking Sound of Jewish Banksters on the US Treasury and the taxation of all citizens through their private ownership of ALL central banks.
    Listen to James Perloff, Eustace Mullins, Texe Marrs and Brother Nathanael.

  14. Anon ymous says:

    In regards to the Memphis Three, it was actually the Step Father that murdered those boys, due to the fact that the day before he was to get his Teeth molded, he had them pulled out of his mouth…..Why?

  15. The only good thing about faggots is they don't procreate. If there is one saving grace for humanity, it will be the lack of it. And the only way to accomplish that is by not having any children. And if the majority of people were faggots, there would be no more children, thus, no more humans. The only way to save the planet.

  16. Nice video,

    God Bless

  17. This video is retarded. I feel that my I.Q. decreased like 15% just by watching the first three minutes.

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