BREAKING countdown to Armageddon PUTIN’s Strong WARNING world war three July 15 2016 News


BREAKING countdown to Armageddon PUTIN’s Strong WARNING world war three July 15 2016 …


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  2. We know but prophecy will be fulfilled
    The jaw of Russian is being pulled into war

  3. sawadikin says:

    before it. eu usa will suffer civil war.

  4. mbm13213 says:

    Putin certainly does seem to have a better grasp on reality than Obama.
    He has more morals also.
    Mmmmm…..where have I heard that before?
    Good being seen as evil and evil being seen as good?
    Hold on, here we go!

  5. EU is the beast power to be reduced to 10 EU nations to fight Russia and China in Armageddon in spring 2019

  6. dbrowning75 says:

    I keep hearing things are happening at a faster pace. I disagree…. It's the fact of it being MORE EXPOSED for the public. What's done in the dark is being exposed by the light. Keep your faith, trust and believe in JESUS CHRIST.

  7. To bad he and Xi Jin Ping are behind World War 3.World War 3 is a global communist revolution.This will bring the Earth into a communist Federation.We must prepare for World War 3.However funnily enough although Communist Propaganda will tell you otherwise Russia and the still in tact Soviet Union and Red China are behind the Third World War.Not THE UNITED STATES INC and The British Crown Empire

  8. Armageddon approaches and this only gets 1300 views?

  9. Don't be deceived by our government any longer. Watch and listen closely. The Word and Promise of God is coming true. Don't be distracted. Seek the truth. Read the Bible. Cling to Christ and repent. There is so much deception. Most of us can't tell up from down and good from evil. Look deep into your heart and ask for clarity. There will be no way out but through Christ. This is the great tribulation the Bible teaches us of. Watch for the signs. They are very clear.

  10. oiljackpot says:

    I disagree with you. It is Obama who is trying to start a nuclear war with Russia. Not Putin trying to start a war with us. In fact, it has been America who has saved other countries from dictators. Now it may be another country's duty to save America from ours.

  11. Putin's my boyfriend. He's awake…♥

  12. Turkey Takeover Today!

  13. owen O'Neill says:

    Putin can change this world for the better. Christian Russia can defeat the zionist banking world and free our people. I will not fight for a zionist run army.

  14. A ROD says:

    The lord won't allow the war yet, until his coming–>>

  15. Armageddon is years after the end of the Tribulation so to say "countdown to Armageddon" is ridiculous.
    The countdown to world war 3 OR the 2nd seal to be opened?? then yes I agree.

  16. Sad to say a president from a foreign country is more level headed

  17. Victor Smith says:

    The sheeple refuse to accept it. We're at war in our borders and they are trying to make our law enforcement stop patrolling then the full war will begin when we're at our weakest all the attacks targeting police has them on a pinpoint nerve with all of us.

  18. rose says:

    I I saw in a vision a Lion his mane "red like blood" I know the first rapture is soon to happen In the year of 2010 or 2011 I HEARD the sound of one trumpet sound  in my heart. This is biblical telling the rapture is  "imminent"soon to take place. Watch the video: The Glory of the Lord  Powerful and so blessing to the soul.

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