BREAKING: Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted !


BREAKING: Deep Point out Has Been Defeated, The New Environment Order
Has Been Halted ! There are no extra choices for the NWO ruling cabal!
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  1. hunt them down an kill them they are demons it's time while they are down

  2. Ruiz Dera says:

    Let USA, Russia and Others, join in throwing out the thrash. Leave Them Poor!

  3. I laugh because ye are blind, can the blind lead the blind? But America still owes a debt….??? they have not paid the slaves their money and our wages cry out to GOD THE MOST HIGH, GOD OF ABRAHAM until this debt is paid they will still have to answer and the end of the world is still at hand, who can change GOD'S word???? no one not even your false gods. believe this lie if u want

  4. Best summary I've heard but things are far from over.

  5. Joe Salem says:

    Ha ha ha. they thought their evil deeds would be forever hidden. BIG SURPRISE! !!!!!

  6. Joe Salem says:

    This report makes my day.

  7. Jon Doe says:

    you give me hope!

  8. Chris Law says:

    Globalism is not dead. They are regrouping and coming as local-ism.

  9. What happens if The Elite hiding in there D.U.M.B.'s (deep underground military bases) start a nuclear war, or unleash biological warfare to spread like wildfire. Or events like in the videos on YouTube, "AmeriGeddeon" or "One Second After". What Then.

  10. Lucy Kelly says:

    The NWO is a worldwide society of thousands of ppl who all remain untouched by Trumps presidency. They will work every day to accomplish their ends as they have for thousands of years unless they are identified and rooted out! THEY ARE NOT DEFEATED!

  11. It's ding dong the musleums gone.

  12. Don Bloom says:

    trump knows where to find most if not all of the demons. hunt them relentlessly and destroy them and their entire family; kill all survivors. they are found in the cabal to the vatican; bust their ass!

  13. Nobody can stop Lucifer!

  14. Zyzyzx Zyzer says:

    No it hasn't what a load

  15. easytoread07 says:

    the 'real' new world order will be 'unstoppable' after 'the changing' has occurred. this sounds very close to "the perils of newspaper eschatology" by Elliot Miller of CRI. CRI holds to no particular view of end time eschatology.

  16. blind high says:

    in 2015 the queen hint in her xmas messasge of certain evil, 2016 she gave us alot more info b4 being cut off. the elite pussies put her on house arrest. yes house arrest. in her old age she is have nightmares about the past evil already done. her heart is heavy. i'm not a fan of the queen but ill pray for her. by the way a few weeks b4 xmas she was shot at in the royal garden by a royal guard. he said sorry he didn't recognize the shadow.

  17. Amona Maria says:

    threek no alot has to happen before he the 6th seal is the fake coming of Yeshua.and the 7 year's will be shorten to 3 and 1/2 year's then

  18. 5hux says:

    is she reading what other video I saw said the same

  19. Thank God! This is truly inspiring…I see the light of a new dawn on the horizon and it's beautiful!

  20. t rex says:

    yet the chem trails continue the food poisoning and water contamination carries on. big pharmaceutical carry on killings us with there false drugs a lot still has to change. i also see no arrests of the bushes and Clintons or any of these murdering bastards.

  21. BJJ COPE says:

    not yet? Soros is seriously going to crash stock market with bond scheme, Announced today that AMERICA WILL COW DOWN TO NWO

  22. This video is bullshit the NWO hasn't missed a stride.The US president has no power to stop them at all.U need to do more research before u get people believing in false fact.Look it up on the internet there control is world wide not just wealth,land,resources,world leaders there agenda moves daily.Know one man will stop them.Trump will do great things know doubt.The NWO. has been with us for many years now.Look it UP peace.

  23. Jaded says:

    We will know they are defeated when they stop Spraying our Skies with Poison!

  24. Greg Miller says:

    i vote we let russia in to get soros they do have a warrant for his arrest why are we harboring him look at all the damage hes done around the world.

    Mr. President Donald Trump

  26. Hitlearlly, Obamanation, &
    the Demonic-rats……………
    Would rather throw the world into WWIII, if they can not rule!

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