BREAKING Joel Skousen Warns Scenario World War 3 Is Coming


BREAKING Joel Skousen Warns Scenario World War 3 Is Coming.


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  1. Mr. Skousen, do you really believe that actual aircraft hit these different locations? From what I have researched it sounds like a load of crap. I mean, no aircraft parts at the Pentagon. Just happened to find the hijackers passport at the Towers (put there). Also, no black boxes ever found at the Towers. Extremely high temperatures burning at the Towers that do not coincide with aircraft fuel temp fires. The Towers collapsing in on themselves, straight down and building 7 collapsing from a couple of small office fires. Also no aircraft parts found in Pennsylvania at the impact site And the site being extremely small impact size. Surely you're going to find parts of the landing gear, fuselage and other items, but nothing substantial was ever found. Sure, you see the few bogus clips of aircraft flying into the Towers, but they are so crudely made it's laughable. And the so-called witnesses that claimed to have seen these aircraft up close and personal, are so far and few…. Others reported of hearing explosions and not ever seeing aircraft and were right there on site????????????   At least it makes me wonder.    I say inside job. Total hoax!     Also have to check out the whole Sandy Hook story   …what a joke!

  2. skousen is a mormon fool he thinks a plane hit the pentaon hahahah and his religions founder talked to an angel naemed moroni and translated the book of mormon from golden tablets in 'reformed egyptian a language that does not exist hahaha

  3. Great work guys, this movement is growing really fast the shift is happening now

  4. How can anyone take seriously a guy who interrupts his broadcast to sell snake oil supplements to his audience? He probably thinks that anyone stupid enough to sit though 30 minutes of his incoherent rambling would also be stupid enough to buy the snake oil supplements. This show is really aimed at the QVC intelligence level.

  5. Right after it(911) happened, about, I saw, saw the plane hit. The videos are out there. About a week later,the Saudis were named,as possibly involved. kinda whispered,then dropped. Give it up . Perpetuating this does nothing. A learning experience for US.

  6. I'm not buying that these guys aren't terrorist coming in here…really…Running from Islam but hate America, makes no sense…

  7. William Shaw says:

    The number of adds on this video is fuckin' retard.

  8. The so called immigrant people they are bringing Into the United States are terriosts look at Europe. peaceful immigrants my ass. Look up what's happening in Germany right now, they are not peacefull. Joel is full of shit! Don't believe anyone who says they are peacefull! I guess raping women and beating children is peacefull Alex?

  9. Stipe K says:

    Once damascus IS FLATENED TO RUBBLE by west backed terrorists detonating dirty weapon upon this city , then is when ww3 will start as the bible states.
    The russians get very upset and react against the US

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