BREAKING NEWS: Obama Launches World War 3 (2/3)


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  1. So the real question is : Will HE Vote For Ron Paul if he's American?

  2. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT FRIEND…the American people are still sleeping, you should have arrested Obama a long time ago, for treason against the people and the Constitution of America, and genocide against humay…Take care and congratulations for your good work.

  3. hyunguk choi says:

    There is one thing that's stronger than nuclear weapon, it is a love. When we love, we can create miracle. It is a emotional sensation and little bit saddy, but this is what we have at the best. I love love love because this is my weapon against the new world order.

  4. hyunguk choi says:

    World War 3 is not gonna happen because we have fall in love with this world. On this christmas, we all will withness the miracle. When I smile, everyone smile. This is a happy day. My friend, let's hope for the hope.

    I am a prophet, I will do everything to help you and your humanity.
    The love will be with us. War will be stopped on that day and I shall shine like diamond reflecting the sun. If you can read it, please pray for the happiness of all being in this universe. I will love you,family.

  5. Missi R says:

    Sandy Hook
    feermonger gun ban, martial law

  6. Introspecta says:

    Yeah lets go around scaring everyone that World War 3 is coming when that may not even be True. Everyone thinks they know whats gonna happen

  7. Steven Tetro says:

    War cost a whole lot of money,bombs and bullets are nor cheap.

  8. Steven Tetro says:

    He is right,they push us into everything with false flags and so many people trust the government that are blind and brain washed,the same way they brain washed people about cannabis and now they find out it cures cancer and they are still hiding it.Oh they can't make any money to fucking bad,it saves lives that is all there is to it.

  9. LELIFER says:

    I do believe more and more ppl are waking up but I think there is just going to be a massive reform. ww3 is impossible, lesson was learned well enough from ww2.

  10. Revelation 3:10

    Encouragement for Born again Christians
    Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

  11. To embrace the change..Unite ? meaning accept the mark of the beast 666?…( the chip )
    Which has already begun, This is the mark of the beast (Hell bound forever) NO !! Do Not embrace the change ! accept Jesus Christ, REPENT ! Go to heaven and skip the HELL on earth that is about to happen.

  12. Jesus talked about the signs that would happen before his return, they are here ! Why would you stay here to suffer ?

  13. rigolicious1 says:

    We live under tyrrany, god is with us…. Who could be against us

  14. One of my favorite videos of yours

  15. We have maniacs and sociopaths running our country ,  The Federal Government is a Totally Criminal Organization !

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