Breaking News: Russia Putin Say’s World War III Is Coming If…


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if the US and the international community continues on the path it is on the third world war is coming . In this video , we will discuss …


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  1. Spam'n'egg. says:

    I don't see how Russia is running out of money when they are the biggest supplier of fossil fuels in the world.

  2. Destroy, Dutch political hatred sower and Peace wants to be reform!
    Or third world war will start! only to destroy that hate mongers countries in europe
    there are only two choices more not!
    These European countries create terrorism around the world where the Netherlands is the first of up hatred against humanity
    Alert to –

    (Vladimir poetin, Bachar Alassad, Barack Obama, Xi Jinping's , Mohammad Hamid Ansari, The Hon Stephen Parry , Joko (Jokowi) Widodo, Adel al-Jubeir ,)

  3. If we stop getting in the way he could save us from ourselves,

  4. 232323C says:

    I agree but because this is a religious video I have to turn it off….Your views are warped by religion….but indeed war will come as our nation is under Tyranny led by maniacs who appear normal but are anything but….priviliged rich war mongers who want the world as their spoils……disgusting

  5. After WW3, after the population is decimated and your house is destroyed, you still have to pay your mortgage.

  6. deeplookinto says:

    kill the petrodolar

  7. Vic Longdong says:

    obama is the aggressor, obama is funding islamic terrorists not putin, obama has destroyed libya, obama tried to destroy egypt, obama tried to destroy syria, obama has coursed the muslim invasion of europe, obama is the antichrist.

  8. leave the religious stupidy out of this please!!!

  9. 1madcanuck says:

    Albert Einstein quote:I do not know with what weapons ww3 will be fought with…but ww4 will be sticks and stones.

  10. lonb00 says:

    White men will kill everything on God's earth. Why Lord?? Why allow these minority of beings to ruin so much of your creation?

  11. kevin houser says:

    Russia will attack and destroy the USA, it says this in the holy bible(doesn't anyone read the bible?)are Americans all blind?  If you believe the word of God(the holy bible)then you know this will happen and soon-cold-hearted people, legalizing homosexual marriage-Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for this-what do you think will happen to this nation?  We have done this to ourselves, you have two choices repent now or move out of the country and buy yourself some more time.  read Revelation 18 in the holy bible(that's the USA, it's talking about.) God bless you all.

  12. No nukes. Ever heard of the Cold War?

  13. jgaines3200 says:

    Welcome to the land of tinfoil caps

  14. graham yates says:

    agree but no nukes emp will take out america

  15. Isreal will win. The 6 day war they smashed 6 countries at the same time.

  16. starview1 says:

    Russia is not now nor has it ever been a model for individual human rights, and that has not changed with the little man rooten tooten putin who is making trouble in the world, trouble the world doesn't want or need.

  17. bugisami says:

    Israel will survive? Not a chance! It will be one of the first to be converted into a glass parking lot. I just don't know who will nuke it first, Russia or America.

  18. GIANTSECRETS says:

    There is no christ or satan. End of Days New York is the last few days of 2017.
    Obama said he is worried about a dirty bomb in Manhatten. People better arrest him NOW. GET OUT OF NEW YORK. NOW>

  19. Jeremy Lowe says:

    super powers in Megido/ Syria = ARMAGEDDON. Do you people not understand whats going on?

  20. Mr Putin is the man!

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