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  1. information is good but old news. years old

  2. Marco S says:

    Putin will set humans free again

  3. T Gyalten says:

    Recycling old news stories…that's credible.

  4. Chris Bee says:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. And I mean OUR country. It is time for ALL to unite. We have been systematically intentionally separated rendering us USELESS. The dark forces are out of time. Last ditch effort to destroy most living things. Our US "leaders" have nothing to lose. Americans are looked at as non deserving consumers & slaves of the Federal Reserve & Satan. You think I'm kidding?

  5. Caz says:

    Breedlove you fucking terrorist you should be eliminated along with obama and his crew

  6. The American Isreali homosexaul race will be termanited by the Russian nukes in few hours American homosexaul diaper ass Al Qaeda son of a std white Prostitutes drug addicted junkies this is the time to turn you son of a Prostite and you homosexaul power in to dust

  7. SovGux says:

    Make no mistake, U.S gov. started all of this bs and any wars coming…all 4 money $$$$$

  8. NME NME says:

    There had to be a reason to stop the elections and I agree with some comments below that Putin is trying to stop this. However, he is not without fault. It's just this is not his purpose.

  9. Debra Vann says:

    The comment s on here make Me sick! The Russian governments economy is in worse shape than The U.S. economy. There is absolutely  no way possible Russia can afford to move 40 million people to bomb shelters as a training exercise. The cost of personal and equipment usage alone would utterly bankrupt the entire country. At mid-night on the 7th, Putin will launch nuclear strikes against this country. The only Human beings on this planet that don't know this to be true is the American people. We have been at war with Russia since the taking of Crimea. Their tired of Obama's shit. Russia is named in religious texts as the country that wages war against Gog and the Magog people. THE UNITED STATES IS THE MAGOG PEOPLE AND OBAMA IS GOG. This is being announced and discussed on every news station around the world with the exception of American news agencies. The U.S. government has announced and boasted about every major military drill that its conducted this past year. American news has reported every training exercise by every government around the world. But not one single news agency in America thinks it's a big deal to move 40 MILLION CIVILIANS into bunkers as a training exercise. It's never been done in world history by any government.. There is not going to be an emergency alert. American's will not know We are at nuclear war until We see the missiles and mushroom clouds. The U.S. government does not have preemptive warning measures! We have recovery and rebuild preparations.  They are already moving pre-selected people to safety!  You better find food supplies and safety. On the 7th Putin's bunkers will be sealed. He will launch nukes a few minutes after that. The American people are the only people on Earth Who has not been told by it's government to prepare for ww3. Because The elite will lose money if They do and it will make it harder for the government to get Their pre-selected saved to the bunkers We have…

  10. Colby Barker says:

    anyone that vote hillary is signing all our lifes away i dont blame russha one bit for going to war with us and when they nuke us for being stupid you hillary supporters can die with us. they are waiting tell after our election to attack

  11. J vdSpuy says:

    So if you listen to what Putin has been saying, he said that Russia is being surrounded with ant-missile defenses which could also be retro-fitted to be missile offences. Not honoring deals and treaties etc. etc. etc.

    So if you look at world action, re-action you can see that Russia is doing the same with the US and Nato allies.

    He's basically playing the game mimicking US rules. He's trying to show the world through his actions, what the US has been doing all along.

    It is not or should not be America's duty to police the world.

    And this is not pro-Russia or anti-America, everyone has their good and bad sides.

    So in school terms, a bully will only keep bullying you until you stand up and fight.

    Anyone heard the term, if you live long enough you see yourself become the villain?

    That is the term being used here.

    In the past, with the world wars etc. that went on, America helped and joined the Allies and helped rebuild countries "NORMALLY" if one could say that without interfering or meddling in other countries affairs and I'm not talking about countries divided after World war 2 ended, like Germany.

    But it seems these days that the American government IS interfering with other countries using nefarious methods, LIKE ARMING REBELS or any rebels for that matter in countries that do not have an aligned view as that of the US.

    All the wiki leaks and cable messages leaked and all the whistle blowing is showing the world and the American people that there is something not right somewhere. Someone somewhere took a left turn when they shouldn't have(and I don't mean left as in politically aligned, I just meant left) 🙂

    We need to start looking at the big picture to see what is happening.

    It's like watching a game of WORLD CHESS. One makes a move and then that move causes another move in response.

  12. This is all happening because America turned its back on the LORD. "America is no longer a Christian nation…" -Barack Obama

  13. Poppa Cherry says:

    The media wants us to know nothing, they want to distract us with the Kim Kardashian robbery and it's working with like 80% of America. This country is shit

  14. Anyone else notice Brittan is not a Russian target ? . Brittan owns the Grand ol USA . Looks like its time to Sacrifice The USA . Dam .

  15. tony done says:

    Watch Out !! USA Putin's subs are coming for you under the cover of Matthew!!Bye Bye USA

  16. Chris Earle says:

    We are at war and have been for a longtime.

  17. WiiiRRRttyy says:

    I hope Russia has long range missiles that can hit major US cities with nukes. It could be the only thing that will stop the USA from kicking off WW3. If US realises that this time their own precious country is going to be 'Up Close and Personal' with the action, they might get over their power trip!

  18. Ace bluenote says:

    So what? The US has a fleet in the Black Sea….can't they do the same around here? These people in the media are told to foment fear and war. Clinton set the Middle East on fire, and these wipes are complaining about patrol. Its the pot calling the kettle black. Get over it.

  19. Ace bluenote says:

    A pack of lies.

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