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  1. what horse shit!  Do any of you believe the media is trying to scare us again and they think we are stupid enough to fall for it.  We know it's the scum bag bankers who think they can make us all slaves, but they cannot.  We are waking up rapidly!

  2. It will happen! Rip USA :,(

  3. Watch now as the man of peace will present himself to the world.
     -Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 @ 15:20
    My dearly beloved daughter you must continue to carry out My holy instructions and let no man stop you in this mission although you will continue to be attacked on all sides.

    Never doubt My word, even when you do not understand what My messages mean. Everything you are being given for the world to hear has been foretold My daughter. It is just that mankind needs to understand what is contained in the Book of John. All things foretold must come to pass.

    Watch now as the man of peace will present himself to the world.
    He will be seen to create peace in the Middle East.
    This will be a false peace and is a guise for the lie he presents in order to hide the real reason for this untruth which is being perpetrated.

    Pray for My Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, for he will face a terrible persecution. This time is close now.
    Pray all of you because your prayers will ease the severity of these times which can be diluted.

    Much is not known, My daughter, about the end times.
    Many are fearful and so they should be but only if their souls are unclean.
    For those of you in the light of God you have much to look forward to because it will mean the banishment of sin from the earth.

    At last the world will emerge in a new beginning filled with My divine light.There is not much time before these things take place.All that matters is that all of God’s children will see the truth in time and convert.Otherwise they will not be part of the New Heaven and the New Earth which will merge to become one. For then I will come to judge.
    So only those who acknowledge Me, their Saviour Jesus Christ and My Eternal Father will have life. Pray for all your souls. This is all you need to focus on right now and trust in Me completely.
    Your Jesus
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  4. elusive762 says:

    cnn stop breathing permanently

  5. Why doesn't the world just make peace with eachother? Just look to Iceland for example. They don't have enemys. They don't try to invade other countrys. They don't lie to their people. I'm from the Netherlands myself, were big friends with the US. But seriously, fuck you, USA government. (Not the people)

  6. john doe says:

    What a cnn/fox news bullshit!!! No one still believe in those ridiculous lies… russia is not the problem, nor it is the attacker. Usa government is behind 99% of the conflicts in the world. Nice propaganda video.

  7. Yuxz Wzxy says:

    Evil thrives when good men sleep!

  8. Beown says:

    so, when will it start?

  9. Daveyo747 says:

    Yea its for real because fucking Obama and the IMF and the Western Oligarches want a war so desperately because of the massive debt that USA and Europe have on their hands.  Going to war basically will relieve some of that debt and make people forget how much they owe etc.

    I just hope Russia is smart enough to not fall for the Western Oligarches, USA's Obama and the IMF pushing them into a fight.  If Putin is smart he should sit tight and then wait for the economic collapse which will come around in short while, and that collapse itself will destroy USA and the E.U. within hours without firing one shot.

    Then Russia can control USA and the E.U. literally from the palms of their hands.

    Also if USA makes the first move, they better watch out for CHINA!!!!   Russia and China have now become PARTNERS and they will cover each others backs.

  10. Daveyo747 says:

    To all the Russians and to the Chinese:  USA is well known to attack (based on its past history) to attack just before DAWN.  That is right.  They will make their move during the early morning hours getting into position, then launch the attack prior to Dawn.  They always have and the latest one they did is when they attacked Iraq just before DAWN.

    Keep this in mind.  

    To the USA Government and to the European Government BACK OFF and tell the USA MILITARY to get the fuck out of Europe NOW.  You Americans are THREATENING WORLD PEACE and putting the lives of innocent people at risk because of your GODDAMN PRIDE AND OF YOUR FUCKING DEBT.  

    Goddamn you motherfuckers.

  11. your guest says:

    russian plain people don,t want any war.i beleive american plain people don,t want too! we want peace for all world!!!!  why people create the weapon for destroy instead of weapon of love?????  let us pray for peace to all world to all people in the earth.we plain people can do nothing but pray for peace, so, let us pray ! it is the only thing we can do!

  12. wadgap says:

    Another one america propaganda. 
    They don't even know what truth means :(

  13. 13:30 battle of donetsk airfield if i remember. The russians/separatists were the ones that filmed the video and ukr forces were the ones with tanks. 
    Unlike the video tells that the russians were the ones with tanks. Nope…

  14. tralnok says:

    CNN. CBS… That trash makes me wanna hurl chips! US is the enemy of everyone, including Americans.

  15. Im for Russia , Russia , Fack black ass obama.

  16. Seph Devil says:

    Finally wipe Atlantic powers

  17. when Russia attacked goegia that was for good reason Georgian president shakasvilii caused war crimes and murdered Bosnians innocent bosnians

  18. haha… vladimir and world world 3. my americans from Canada. Go vote Donald!

  19. USA need new world war for economic reasons its quite obvious. They dont want to start so they are pushing Russia.

  20. Ana Lupin says:

    So is Russia against us

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