Breaking News war going to start soon asked Putin (Must Watch YouTube 2016)


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  1. AEON R23TV says:

    flat earth´╗┐

  2. 15past2 says:

    What can be inferred from admiral Bird's last notes is that there is an underground (probably very large) base in Antarctica, which is occupied by the "Master(s)" and knowing this and perhaps something he discovered there has enlightened him and set his spirit free. We also know that he had a message from the master which he delivered to the pentagon and believed it would get to the President. That the Industrial Military Complex put him through a great ordeal and forced him to keep what he was told by the master and what he saw and witnessed there a secret. That keeping, what he had learned on behalf of humanity, a secret, weighed heavily against his moral rights and values and that its existence directly influenced the future of the United States and the world. That it had to do with the only hope for mankind. This man was an admiral and in interviews sounded very articulate and extroverted. We know that the industrial Military Complex employed many of the Nazi Scientists of WWII. These scientists believed there was a parent race living inside the earth and that they had sent expeditions to specific locations in Antarctica. Could it be that there is a large alien presence hidden in underground caverns or cities who control the earth and are connected to the Industrial military complex and their owners the Rothchilds and to our own heritage as spiritual beings.´╗┐

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