Breaking News World War 3 Top 10 World Most Powerful Country Take Action in Syria


Top 10 : World’s Most Powerful Country Take Action in Syria US . CHINA . RUSSIA AND NATO + What And Who Is NATO . ?


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  1. ben evans says:

    my thoughts is this: NATO would steamroll over Russia, China, Iran, without a problem sure we are going to loose some, but the United States, and NATO are by far to powerful for tor them to win against NATO. the only way they could do anything would be nuclear, and that's what Russia will do once Putin sees, and feels the power of NATO, and the United States. right now the US, and NATO are putting a plane in action as what would be the best way to handle this, but I can say this you will never see Assad in power again he thinks he is still in power in Syria if so he's in power of nothing because that's what it's turning into as everyone is getting out before the war breaks out.

  2. Karl Lover says:

    They only let me do ONE thumbs down.If I could it would be ONE million thumbs down.

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