Breaking Nuclear World War Three Threats USA Russia Putin NATO Tensions Breaking News October 2016


Breaking Nuclear World War Three Threats USA Russia Putin NATO Tensions Breaking News October 2016 End Times News Update Last Days Final Hour …


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  2. NWO is something not every wants in.

  3. Tony cardiff says:

    i call upon all of us to denounce this war. they cannot have a war on their own. the people causing this war will not be fighting. lets not go into battle like sheep. remener the nazi soldiers we just did what we were told. stand up for peace! russia is not our enemy its our own countries! russia and china are now the true power house we should respect them. i never see any arguing in these replies all very bright people with fantastic comments.

  4. SPLENOROUS says:

    Alex Jones is PART OF IT!

  5. kingdom come says:

    who would have thought that the democratic party would be war mongering??? What a trip politics have become. Bunch of hypocritical psychopaths.

  6. to fight isis stop the funding the biggest oil provider in the middle east funds isis??? to cause disruption of oil selling countrys in the world Libya iran Russia Iraq all involved in turmoil so do you guess who funds isis ?

  7. so infowars corrupt supporter of the other parties nominee the answer when no matter trump or clinton they both controlled by little green men on dollar bill's dead presidents green backs m o n e y but you think a republican billionaire as corrupt it's bleeding from his pores or a psychopathic witch even is going to change what exactly or maybe your driven by the fear of the Bear aka Russia or economic collapse well guess what it's all coming regardless the puppet salesmen or women you call commander and chief.

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