Breaking: Putin Prepares For WW 3


preparing for World War III against America the battleground of Syria according to Rabbi Steven Ben DeNoon that President Putin is preparing for WW 3 …


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  1. World Wide. says:

    Where are you?? This news is over a month old. Stop watching Corporate media.

  2. Jerry Brown says:

    Fear mongering!…"Obama lead an attack"..REALLY?

  3. World Wide. says:

    Here is one. North Korea has a hydrogen bomb ready go. It's for Turkey says Kim Jung.

  4. World Wide. says:

    China has troops in Syria ready for war. Just a matter of you looked at me wrong.

  5. jr k says:

    Obama will destroy the world.

  6. Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. 'I will put hooks in your jaws and turn you about. Putin has to fight now, he knows that ISIS was created by US, that Turkey is moving ISIS oil and a few are getting rich, he has banned GMO foods. Maybe Putin is what earth needs now, the western world is greedy and manipulative, it is time things changed.

  7. bisyhefr says:

    wow i cant wait ……. i know war gunna suck ass ……BUT its also a big adventure and we can start shoot sum mofo's in the face.. so yeahh lets do war !!!!

  8. they need to be attacking isis, yet here they go, it just doesnt make sense

  9. Alan Watson says:

    be a shame if obama keeled over

  10. Whatever "illness" Obama has that your reporting, praying it's terminal.

  11. I am unsubscribed. Good bye.

  12. Mike Turner says:

    lets get it on!!!

    Kick that Russian Ass !!!! U.S.A ??

  13. todd astle says:

    what if that is the plan to get most of the us troops over in the middle east and russia,has all their military just off the coast of the us and send an emp over and attack cause obama is a commie and putin is too and its not like the obama regime has built up your military

  14. Chad Green says:

    says r u serious too much

  15. Power, Money, and Oil are useless if countries nuke each other.

  16. I noticed Obama looking 'gaunt' too…….Also, I lived thru the Vietnam war news coverage and remember seeing actually war footage about every night….with journalists in combat fatigues and such. So since we are at war with ISIS, why am I not seeing the same on the main stream media???…The MSM is all about who said what and when, who was offended by this or that, and petty gossipy type stuff…..Why am I not seeing combat footage in this Middle East war???

  17. Mark Howard says:

    Of course Bibi won't interfere he wants us to destroy each other . So much for that"Special" relationship .

  18. Mark Howard says:

    This is a joke right …is this nut rooting for WW3 .

  19. Chrystal E says:

    Just goes to show what DeNoon knows, his sources are lame stream media… "Wars and RUMOURS of wars" Mathew said. The so called co-olition with Obuma are not necessarily a "co-olition", they know obumas an islamist busy building a "caliphate" so don't trust him and will not be his stooges to support his factions of islam This beef is purely between sunni – obumas islamic interests and shia – putins business interests. The so called co-oiltion "Christian" nations will not run to serve obumas requests of them but are remaining true to their own military agendas as "Christian" nations and will not go to war with Russia at the request of obuma, not a chance, this war is only a rumoured one, by the brainless lame stream media, obumas fire starters, who are desperate to whip up the "Christian" nations to war amongst themselves to war against Russia.. NOT A CHANCE… Obumas in this on his own, no one will back that snake on this one. So don't worry, there will be no war with Russia from the co-olition nations, they are ignoring or denying obumas requests already and Putin knows this. Putins beef is not with the American people but with obuma who behaves like a taqqia snake with everyone, especially with Americans so what better could anyone else expect from him and his team. And DeNoon needs to exercise greater discretion when repeating diabolical lame stream trash designed to generate wars for diabolical reasons.. The problem with DeNoon is that he's naive in what he does which makes him gullible and dangerous in what he says.

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