BREAKING : World War 3 Has Never Been Closer – TNTV


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  1. Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the American generals making these threats to Russia is needless posturing designed to make Russia look like they are somehow the aggressor. The Americans act like they are the victims of some huge Russian conspiracy when in fact Russia hasn't done anything except kill terrorists in Syria. Putin isn't a globalist puppet and that's why America hates them. I also think this is done to distract from the election, but also to demonize alternative media by implying that they are helping the Russians. Even Alex Jones was accused of being a Russian agent when in fact he is one of the most patriotic Americans out there. It's all backwards 1984 style propaganda designed for one thing. To control the population through fear and ignorance.

  2. Alan Brookes says:

    Hillery Clinton abused me ! wish she'd put a burka on keep the world beautiful !

  3. Dom Perignon says:

    obummer  is a war criminal lock him up

  4. It is unfortunate our government and UK and France and EU are. Part of this extremely evil agenda! It is my wish that the people do wake up!!!!

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