British India During World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special


India was part of the British Empire during World War 1 and it was of vital importance to the war effort. Resources, manufacturing power and over 1,3 million men that served in the Army meant a great price for India to pay during the war. But even before the conflict, the call for independence grew louder and louder.

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THE GREAT WAR covers the events exactly 100 years ago: The story of World War I in realtime. Featuring: The unique archive material of British Pathé. Indy Neidell takes you on a journey into the past to show you what really happened and how it all could spiral into more than four years of dire war. Subscribe to our channel and don’t miss our new episodes every Thursday.

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45 Responses

  1. Why weren't the Antarcticans pulling their weight? polar bears could have really swung the balance of power.

  2. G99 Jordin says:

    @thegreatwar will you guys make a special about Belgium and the belgian army

  3. klyana130 says:

    Not to be facious as 20 million dead from the flu besides from the war was aweful but India has 1 BILLION+ people now with China to make a large swath of the human global population. Humanity will survive

  4. tailinmouth says:

    Really interested in this topic.
    Any suggested reading on the subject?

  5. Le0 90 1 says:

    Hey, the history of indigenous tribes across the world has interested me. Do you know what the roles of some remnants like the Zulu and the American Indians, such as the Iroquois, had in the war?

  6. Hey this is a question for out of the trenches. How often was the capturing of enemy infantry weapons when a trench was captured or at any other time during the great war? Also love the show.

  7. missing fa cup to watch this 🙂

  8. William Cox says:

    You are having an effect, The Great War crew. Folks from all around the world, speaking any one of a great number of national languages, holding to similar, but distinct, ethics . . . coming together in common forum and for common purpose. Learning History so as not to repeat its mistakes. Under your banner.

    Not bad . . . not bad at all.

  9. ben smith says:

    What will happen to this channel in 2019 after the war would have been over with

  10. im still waiting for my special shot light episode

  11. SigEpBlue says:

    That's incredibly sad, learning India suffered one-third of the Spanish Flu casualties. Were there specific reasons for it inflicting more death in one population than another?

  12. Do Who did what in the war about AEF Leader Black Jack Pershing.

  13. LukeDaDuke says:

    That picture at 2:18 is hilarious.

  14. these Britisher made our people as slaves and treated them like that . i dont understand why people of subcontinent joined British army it was like doing there dirty job instead of that they should gave rebelled or joined german side.

  15. Cyprus during WW1?
    I know it was ottoman rule but is there anything about Cyprus ?

  16. Could you guys do a special on the siege of chingdaw ( I know that's not correct spelling.) I believe one of my ancestors fought there

  17. Vikram B says:

    I am so happy to watch this episode about my home. Always hated history classes but now I feel I missed a lot about the history of my own country.
    Thanks to Indy, his team and Pratik for this awesome episode.

  18. Indy, you forgot Konrand's own Stoss Penguin Jagdkommando from Anctartica

  19. Holy Wasabi says:

    I'm having a written exam about this topic in two days. Thank you!

  20. DaniëlWW2 says:

    Oh please, everybody knows that the moment Gandhi comes to power by democratic means he becomes a mass murdering, nukespamming monster. 😛

  21. HEY INDIE, i play battlefield 1 and gotta say too many indians and blacks in the game way too many….almost no european soldiers in the game…do you think that EA games is doing the great war justice by implementing PC culture on video games

  22. Steel Void says:

    Do an episode on British Dominions during ww1

  23. Dear Indy and gang. Did the Americans fight anyone else than Germany in 1918?

  24. Ieuan Hunt says:

    Could you make videos about the Gurkas.

  25. smalltime0 says:

    Not that you are covering WWII (though we know you will Indy).

    My grand parents on my father's side were born in India to anglo families. My Grandmother recalls British soldiers and a Dutchman staying at the family farm (located near Calcutta) after they were defeated by the Japanese in the fall of Rangoon.
    Don't know if was just a specific Dutchman who happened to be there or if the Dutch had a contingent – maybe just a random quirk of history.

  26. Thank you. I have been waiting for this one for around a year.
    The footage of that person in the white turban at 8.15. Can you tell me who it is ? I have a suspicion, but I would like to see it confirmed if possible.

  27. Dan Balerna says:

    Hey Indie and team, have you ever thought about doing a "Who Did What in WW1" for Ernst Junger? Just finished reading Storm of Steel and feel like his story is something definitely worth sharing, considering his luck in the war and the many scenes he saw that revealed the worst of the war. Thanks you guys are great!

  28. 0249er says:

    can you make a special episode about the Persian front in ww1 possibly the Persian campaign please?

  29. The Brits are very good at getting others to fight for them. By WW2 there was Bose and three Divs of Indians fighting WITH Japan against the Allies.

  30. finally an episode on Indias contributions to the war.

  31. Derp 321 says:

    Special episodes on countries that were neutral in the war (like spain or switzerland) would be interesting because the war affected them too

  32. shreej1994 says:

    thanks a lot indie and team .. watched it as soon as I got notification ..

    finally an India special . felt proud

  33. Lord Doge says:

    As a Brit, you cannot forget the sacrifices the Indians and the Empire made for us and the world

    less we forget ❤

  34. Prashant !!! says:

    we got independence not because of Gandhi but Hitler, who fought actually to grab others colonies , made imperialists weak !

  35. Really good episode. Well done!

  36. I wish Antarctica would have joined the war. I heard that they had a lot of navy seals.

  37. pastuh says:

    Hmm why i dont get Notification about new video? ..
    Atleast magicaly i opened this channel..

  38. As you mentioned that most Indian soldiers came from the Punjab region of India, I have to ask what was the main religion among Indian soldiers? While I presume it was Hinduism, the Punjab has a very large community of Sikhs as well as Muslims. I'd also like to ask how Sikhs were treated in the First World War and if the British got into trouble with the Sikh population by possibly banning their Kirpans or the wearing of turbans. Thanks Indie, keep up the good work!

  39. British India>India

  40. Actually we Indians/asians are very ignorant about our past. We never learned from the past mistakes.I really like to watch documentaries on Indian Freedom struggle and fight against colonialism.but idie and others may not interested to make video on their past subjects.but still hope for the best.

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