Britney Spears – Make Me – Oversexualization Of Pop Music – Satanic Illuminati Industry


Britney Spears has a new music video for her single “Make Me” off her upcoming album “Glory”. Britney is making over sexualised music and and videos to …


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  1. Trina Dee says:

    It is funny how for years women claimed that all men did was exploit women, but as time moved forward, they turned out to be worst than men. Women exploring other women turning them into sex objects, the very thing they used to cry so loudly against. Women are confused. They don't make for good leaders. Women are the weaker vessel as the scripture says.

  2. Trina Dee says:

    That dude at the end of this video is a sick fuck who should be institutionalized. 

  3. James Moneva says:

    O.A na dayun!!! si God ray naka balo uy..

  4. puppetboy7 says:

    filled with Demons….

  5. Deena Brown says:

    Can you please watch the Netflix series called "Stranger things" and do a video about it????

  6. Tony Ellison says:

    So I'm guessing you're religious? -_- We're born naked, at least they're wearing something lol. Get a grip!!!


  8. brittany is in her 40's if Im not mistaken

  9. cindy Queen says:

    Shut up asshole.

  10. Sorry but y'all go to hell not Britney! :P

  11. yasssssss I love her! HAIL SATAN HAHA

  12. John Hurley says:

    Everything about britney spears is and always has been sexual. People like her because she doesn't shy away from sexuality, but rather embraces it.

  13. 'leave brittany alone!' haha

  14. 2v K says:

    Britany is so empty and fake to the point its visibly apparent

  15. E2rd1994 says:

    you obviously have no idea about what she was about to do with this video, that it had other version (no cut scenes) and especially about her

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