Brother Nathanael – World War 3

20 channels Nathanael .


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  1. I'm confused Isn't this "Nathaniel" guy himself a "Jew"?

  2. Gaetan Dugas says:

    Brother Nathaniel your lecture explains how and why the Jews created HIV. Yet that was the eighties. It is 2017 almost. We want to know what they are up to now. How about an up to date version.

  3. Cristian M says:

    Brother Nethanel will fuck you all up.

  4. Will Hart says:

    Yes, he is a Jew who woke up and he knows it from the inside, all the games, tricks, deceptions and facts…zionists call him a self-hating jew…

  5. Obama, yeah, bad guy. New World Order, I'm aware of it and it scares me to death. Hatred of Jews? No. Jesus was Jewish. There is nothing Christian about this Brother Nathanael.

  6. waryfreaky says:

    Well thanks for the laugh, I'm going to go sodomize my boyfriend now.

  7. Jew World Order 🙂 funny guy

  8. johncmsh says:

    Tell me is this guy a comedian or is he for real? I must say he is entertaining.

  9. Joe Smith says:

    This guy is an idiot or just a fool?

  10. samuisun66 says:

    We should all show our displeasure in a way that Isreal and America will understand. Crowdfund to support Russia in the case that it is pushed into a WWIII-

  11. "christian Russia"? yeah right. Is that why Stalins icon is increasingly popular and welcomed in todays Russia? Sincere Bible, orthodox Christians should have the discernment to see what this guys about. If not Holy Spirit discernment then at least geopolitical sense. He's using the same rationales and cynical phrases i.e. deter/provoke that Putin is using. Unfortunately if you're watching this guys clips frequently you're also lending credence to his number one gripe and will be more than
    willing to let Bro explain Ezk. 38 and 39 for you if and when it happens. That is if us Americans are still around to comprehend what Russia did to America. Replacement theology has led many to embrace this mans message but that doesn't mean John Hagee is on the right path either. Caution, I advise not to feed a pet animus and look what's going on.

  12. I Think he's a muslim

  13. EU Exit Now says:

    Why oh why did it stop? …

    Wake up America and Europe!!!

  14. Gaetan Dugas says:

    Why do you have the notes for the whole jewish American human holocaust while not saying your in the holocaust as well

  15. Gaetan Dugas says:

    if your in the America Jewish Holocaust then America must be programming you. You are covering up the blame yet the facts remain with you

  16. Bert Gert says:

    Feinstein you jew dyke puke.Long live Russia.Viva Vladimir Putin.

  17. 2:49 what's in his left hand ?

  18. Hell Boy says:

    Long Live Israel! I am buying a strap-on as I like it up the ass! Eat shit you lunatic senile demented psycho!

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