California beachgoers sign petition to repeal the Bill of Rights ‘to support Obama’ in terrifying new video


Madison Ruppert

In the latest troubling video published by author and activist Mark Dice, California beachgoers can be seen happily signing a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights to support President Barack Obama.

California beachgoers sign petition to repeal the Bill of Rights ‘to support Obama’ in terrifying new video

In the video, Dice slyly refers to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which in its Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013 versions stripped Americans of the right to face charges and a fair trial.

While many of the signatories probably have no clue what the NDAA is, it is far more shocking to realize that some seem to either not care about the Bill of Rights or have no clue what it is.

Without the Bill of Rights, our right to free speech, a fair, public and speedy trial and protection from warrantless searches and seizures.

It also protects our right to be protected from quartering of troops and cruel and unseal punishment, our right to petition, bear arms, have a trial by jury and more.

In other words, if these people had their way and the first ten amendments to the Constitution were repealed, America as we know it would cease to exist.


The most terrifying aspect of the above video is that these are people who can, and probably do, vote, sign petitions and voice their opinion in polls.

This makes polls like the one in June, conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, which found that 66 percent of respondents support the use of drones to kill suspected al Qaeda members and terrorists.

Such a figure was in line with other survey data on drone use. One must hope that many of the respondents were not aware that drones have been used to execute four American citizens without charge or trial, including a 16-year-old boy.

The legal justification for such strikes simply does not exist in the public realm and probably never will thanks to the courts.

Throughout the video Dice keeps repeating the phrase “Bill of Rights,” likely to avoid any claims that the people didn’t really know what they were signing.

Yet some Americans very well might have no clue what the Bill of Rights actually is. Let’s just hope this is ignorance and not disdain for the most basic aspect of America as we know it.

Dice also hilariously mentions the phrase “New World Order” several times.

Recently, Mark Dice also produced a video showing people signing a petition to strip Christians of their right to free speech.

In April, he put out a video of people signing a petition to repeal the first amendment in order to ensure that people “don’t have the right to disagree with Obama.”

Note: if the embedded video doesn’t work for you, try this link.

This article first appeared at End the Lie.

10 Responses

  1. Robert Hauser says:

    The gods themselves contend in vain with ignorance —-Schiller

  2. doesntmatter says:

    seems like he gets a kick out of exposing dumbarse americans for what majority of them really are…dumbarses…cant say that im mad about it either.

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Americans are Basically Stupid. My favorite part has to be what happens when these idiots find out how stupid they really are. That is the video I would like to see.

  4. Jewyfornia is full of pathetically lazy, self centered pretentious arseholes and violent thugs respectively. At the top of the heap are the hollyweird, real estate, and computer guru jews. Anything that happens there should be viewed as useless garbage. If you value Jewyfornia in any way, you just might be a dumbass.

    • Robert Hauser says:

      Yes, the kind that would put a couple of consummately worthless, gun-grabbing jewish skanks like Diane Swineslime and Barbie-ditz Boxer in the senate.

  5. Robert Hauser says:

    Bear in mind that Mark Dice does this repeatedly…he goes out on the nearest beach and buttonholes probably the most clinically retarded and mongoloid idiotic people on the face of the earth—-you don’t go to a beach in Southern California looking for any trace of commonsense intelligence—you go there to check out testosterone and estrogen generators, crotch, tits, ass, pudenda, pectorals, beefcake and pig skin and it is all zero dimensional. He went to Venice Beach if I recall on July 4th last year and asked the mostly adolescent crowd why they were observing July 4th and not one of them had a clue….some of them didn’t even know it was July 4th. Why should anyone, including Dice expect any different result from America’s young, dumb and full of come “new age” youth?

    • doesntmatter says:

      neither the youth nor “california” became the way they are all alone and on their own…..they are surrounded by at least 50 other states… ijs…

      • Robert Hauser says:

        an AIDS virus is surrounded by initially healthy tissue as well…..but I will grant you that mental retardation by profession has long since achieved the dimensions of a proud national tradition in and throughout SCAmerica

  6. close to the edge says:

    Beyond sadness, ignorance. And the product of the schools from 60s’-2013.We had civics class and history but nothing like the changes that occurred slowly,bit by bit.The twisted logic from the New Age teachers,and now Obama wants our kids at age 4 for quicker indoctrination into a moraless world with no rules and no respect of life.Void of love and common sense, a testimony to our educational theory empty of ‘Absolute Truths’, that they really do exist and is taught at home and carried on in life, not a gov’ mandate that teaches openess to all lifestyles, the worship as you desire to any god,the power over life and death as in the murder of a child in the womb or just outside of the mother,snip or twist n crack. Maybe the Day After Bomb, right next to the antacid,at any age. With no idea in their programed heads, if it’s not in some Zombie or crazed theme, they’ll never get it. 1 guy was polite knowing the Bill of Rights for its’ place as law. I commend him for not laughing or a bit pissed-off,and that was 1 in how many? The take-down is soon,as oba n co’ continue commiting crimes again’st our people and Country under the Laws laid out in our Constitution, and the 1st and 2nd Commandment of the Bible and the 1st 2 in the Bill of Rights, without the 2nd the 1st Right is gone.We have no rights. So, who will you bow to?In the Bible the 1st is above all. And we know how Oba feels about any Crosses that must be covered before he speaks anywhere. Answer that and we know who this man really is.And it ain’t good, folks.

  7. Leo says:

    Do you see how stupid people are ? THEY in all likelihood do not even know what the bill of right are . People that stupid do not deserve to be free .

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