Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – Achievement Hunter Vs The World


Achievement Hunter has trained tirelessly for this never-ending war with the world. Each battle takes it’s toll but we grow stronger for it. Will this battle be the one …


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  1. Why does the drawing of Matt look like a drunk Markiplier?

  2. first map looks a lot like Angel city from titanfall

  3. blanketcandy says:

    I'm actually really surprised with how good Michaels aim is.

  4. Why you lying Michoo, if you go back to that tell Gavin to do his slo mo in theatre mode in free camera you can clearly see you walked off. But it's cool your bad at the game so it's ok

  5. Ubayla says:

    Why are the visuals so horrible? Call of Duty games usually have at least half way decent graphics, but in this you can hardly see anything. The map design is horrible too. That's disappointing.

  6. Gavin's gameplay is just bad. Like "never cut to it" bad

  7. LazarouDave says:

    Oh yeah, I remember why I hate this games' Multiplayer…

  8. MaztRPwn says:

    Correction Jack: Treyarch's CoDs are the bad ones. Though I do like this one more

  9. toxic runner says:

    they should just play Mario brothers instead because it's to complicated

  10. shewaa1 says:

    Whenever they play any Call of Duty game I just miss Ray even more. #NeverForget

  11. Fun drinking game: Take a shot every 5 times someone on AH dies. You'll still die.

  12. Praetorian says:

    Holy shit, all 6 of them are actually in a video!

  13. I like seeing Gavin do well.

  14. wow. jack had an opinion I actually agreed with

  15. wow. jack had an opinion I actually agreed with

  16. Defs Odd says:

    I kinda wanna see you guys vs. Funhaus in this or in Destiny

  17. Ollie Pugh says:

    Does Jack know there's aim down sights?

  18. What does that skull icon to the left of a player's name on the scoreboard mean?

  19. Watching video laughing my ass off, get interrupted in the exact middle by an ad, feel annoyance, realize it's a Lazer Team ad, feel pride.

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