Call of Duty Brings WWII to Black Ops 3: Eclipse DLC, Verge


We check out the reimagined HG 40 on Verge, the new Black Ops III DLC map reimagined from Call of Duty: World At War. Watch for your chance to win an Astro …


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  1. jx592 says:

    how many more times can they bring WWII to a new game to make muhnee?

  2. XXII XXII says:

    This is the first time I get a AD from IGN. How do people get so many ad's on every video?

  3. XXII XXII says:

    These are bots and they don't even use truster jump -__-

  4. I find this so cringy.

  5. battlefield is better then call of duty

  6. more Dislikes than likes xD

  7. Why this fool doesnt play online?

  8. The only reason I'm still subscribed is because Naomi Kyle.

  9. Share your opinion here: How many money or cryptokey they've already spent ?

  10. Bot match and they are excited…

  11. The little intro was so pathetic

  12. Nick Kemkes says:

    #MakeCodGreatAgain burn down the activision office!

  13. that right guy on coke
    my god

  14. Brandon .S says:

    Even with bots, these guys are trash.

  15. PoptartBoy says:

    COD is dead now.

  16. Jacob Bender says:

    It's total euphoria when I hear 'WWII' and 'Call of Duty' in the same sentence.

  17. sebba Wizzie says:

    He always loses

  18. Cephm1 says:

    Why are these 2 still employed.. Diversity i guess huh

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